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    Great Webcast

    After the delays from last night, tonight was the complete opposite. Well done Icetime. Superb product!
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    Devils Vs Giants - 19+20 Jan 19 - League

    I missed the first 10 minutes last night and has issues getting in last week too. For an exile like me, it makes it difficult to catch up without the webcast. That said. Once in, I had no issues.
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    Food and drink not aloud?

    It's far better as it is, I like my food and drink to be silent thanks. Food and drink (including cake) should not be aloud!
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    Devils sign James Livingston

    Based on the comments from Lordo, I dont think he's coming in to play top line, but will play up and down the lines as needed. Looks to have a decent offensive upside for a two way player. It will be interesting to see what sort of numbers he produces if given proper ice time to do so...
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    Craig Moore departs

    With Duggan icing more and Rutkis, this makes sense for Craig. I'm sad to see him go as I think he was a very effective player, but I'm sure he will do well with Fife. Good luck Craig and thank you
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    A Bit of Perspective

    If we win our games in hand, then we go top of the league. However, even if we don't, we are right in the mix and if we repeat another twelve wins from fifteen, then I would be surprised if we haven't built up a lead. If you really believe that we are as poor as many seem to suggest, then...
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    Drew Schiestel Signs

    If I could hit the like button more times, I would...
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    Great signing, he was excellent for Edinburgh, it will be good to see him in a decent side.
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    ECHL hockey

    I've seen a lot of people suggest that we sit somewhere between the top of the ECHL and the middle of the AHL level. Certainly when you look at players in our top 3 lines, that would seem to be about right
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    Ben Blood

    definitely, and Tappara have played ball and agreed a compensation deal. I'd imagine our contracts contain clauses restricting movement of players on degrees unless they pay damages etc. Glad its all been done above board and hoepfully we will bring someone in to help the lads soon.
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    Ben Blood

    I'm sure Ben will be missed as a character and a player in the dressing room. Enjoyed his brief stay in the UK, but it must have been an excellent offer to turn down the MBA package as well. Two years at Liiga for one of the best teams in Europe is tough to say no to. Good luck Ben and...
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    Paul Crowder

    If you look at the challenge cup scoring stats, the devils feature prominently at the top of the list, including people like Linglet and Hedden. Crowder is going at a slower pace there. It is a great top line in Fife, no question. They're a decent side and should challenge again this year.
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    Paul Crowder

    Nothing wrong with that article at all. Interestingly, we always seem to share our scoring around more than other teams. That and the fact that we have played fewer games will always mean fewer points. Everyone on the team has a place, but would you put crowder in ahead of Martin, Dixon or...
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    Wanted: Small/Medium Devils Jersey

    I'm after the red Jersey from this collection in any size, it doesn't matter. Please help the OP first if you can, but you have a jersey for sale in a larger size, please let me know. Thanks
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    It's always heart breaking to read about things like this. Scarlett will be in the hearts and minds of everyone, may she rest in peace x