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    Additional Player

    With the Panthers dropping a few points it does give us breathing space to wait and see what happens. From my view, adding high end players just means were looking to pull away from the pack which means less competitive hockey for a lot of the games. Surely we want to win the games with a...
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    Devils Vs Storm - Sat 6 Oct - League

    I wsa in block 4 and thought the same hit the bottom and came back out... unless we were decieved by the water botle moving on top but it looked like a goal.
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    If we leave it until we see a need for it on the ice, then it may be a little too late. Getting someone gives them time to settle and adjust before this happens. I don't see the 'it ain't broke don't fix it' as a true depiction of the squad and any player Lord brings in will need to fit the...
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    Ben Blood behind the scenes video

    Good blog, looks like he's enjoying it
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    Devils Vs Blaze - Sat 22 Sept - CC

    Coventry played well and stood their ground, though I didn't feel the Devils upped their game until needed. Don't think it's complancency, it's just bigger teams will play faster, smoother from the word go and the Devils will adjust and up their game to the tempo. It's not an issue for me as...
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    Enjoying the fact were down 2 players, pending 1 (2 due to injuries) and still I'm not that phased about this team going into the weekend games.
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    Season Ticket Collection Today

    I'm assuming it's ok to pick up before the game this week, anyone know any different?
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    Red Bull Salzburg Vs Devils -Thu 6th Sept 2018 / 7:30pm (CEST) - CHL

    The games I watched Bowns appears to not be as settled in net just yet, but simply stepping back and looking at the amount of saves he's performed against quality teams says it all. He is a top goalie, the expectation of performing a miracle save every shot is just how high the fans...
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    Devils Vs SC Bern - Sat 1st Sept 2018 7.15 - CHL

    The new players are definately making the cut. Linglet is show signs of settling, I do think he'll need time to adjust and we see gradual see the bst out of him as the season goes on. argh another 2 weeks to wait, be interesting to see how the next Panthers game goes after we've been playing...
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    Devils Vs SC Bern - Sat 1st Sept 2018 7.15 - CHL

    Kudos to all the team for that game, excellent entertainment and display of competitiveness. Certainly a games worth being part of regardless of the result. Though I do think we fans need to find a loud chant to make Piggsey and Lord remember when Bownes on the bench for delayed penalty they...
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    Devils Vs Panthers - Sun 12th Aug - Aladdin Cup Final showdown!!

    Early days, though Nottingham to me look like they could be setting records straight this season, a younger and bigger team with a coach who could really put us to a test. Good start from them, man for man marking and covered the ice really well made it look like as though there wasn't much...
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2018/19

    I'd be happy with Strachen or Hotham as the final signing. Until the season starts we the time comes there's still hope, wasn't the comment at the start of the season 4-6 new signings. 2 down another 2 to go, really hoping for a quality centre. 3 weeks to go. 8)
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2018/19

    mm sharks - Paul Martin
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    2 days to mega friday

    is this a hint #TuesdayThoughts Off season sucks but it is 'only' 47 days till we're back at @IceArenaWales
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    Cardiff Devils Confirmed Signings & Departures 2018/19

    Too many jaggered little pills