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    There is one copy of each of the books mentioned in the list.
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    Rather than just put these books out for re-cycling, I thought I’d try and sell them and donate all the proceeds to the Scott Matzka support fund. They’re all complete and in good condition:- 3 x Canada Life British Ice Hockey Statistical Guide - 1995, 6 and 7. 5 x Ice Hockey Facts &...
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    Sky+HD box + remote

    Removed. We'll accept selling jerseys and hockey memorabilia on the forums, but not sundry items.
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    The Most Brutal Fight Ever

    For those of us with fairly long memories, that was like watching 2 Daniel Jardemyrs!!!!
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    Getting to the Game Wednesday

    I'm driving in from the Rumney area and can fit 2 passengers in (three at a squeeze). I'll be leaving at 6.15/6.30-ish. Please PM me if interested in a lift tonight.
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    NHL coverage

    Having cancelled my ESPN America contract, I'm mulling over whether or not to sign up to Premier Sports to get my NHL fix - so does anyone have any views as to how the Premier Sports coverage compares with ESPN's? Thanks.
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    Espn America/ESPN Player ditch NHL?

    Not much (anything?) new, but if anyone's interested here's a reply I received this morning (10/10) from ESPN:- Thank you for writing in about our TV coverage of the NHL this season. Please find below the latest statement to be released by ESPN on this subject ... NHL Fans – we understand...
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    Legends Team Nominations for 25 Year Festival

    I'd go with:- Jeff Smith, Lyle, Herlofsky (a period each?) Hope, Stephen Cooper, Heavey, Stone, Noble, Burgoyne Lawless, McEwen, Moria, Chinn, Mike Ware, MacWilliam, Hodge, Sacratini, Matulik, McIntyre, Romaniuk, Ruggles
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    Cardiff Devils v Murrayfield Racers... What happened?

    [The Racers had some agricultural imports, Chris Kelland, Brian McKee and one other whose name escapes me and from the start they tried to bully us off our game.] Their other two imports towards the end of that season were Steve Moore (Defence) and Jim Mollard (Forward) - both decent players, I...
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    I’m having (yet) another clearout!! If anyone is interested in any of the following, please let me know:- 2004/5 Sep Panthers; Haringey Greyhounds (ENL Devils); Bees; Blaze Oct Bison; Capitals; Giants; Racers Nov Blaze; Steelers Dec Racers; Steelers 2005/6 Mar Giants; Bison Apr Capitals...
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    PLAY-OFFS 2011

    Apologies in advance if this has already been asked and answered, but have the dates and venue for this season's play-offs been confirmed yet? Thanks.
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    Game Postponed at ....

    List of Cardiff City Council Councillors: ... ry_id=2865 Anyone else we should be contacting when we look for assurances of the new rink? Isn't the Cardiff Bay "Arena" (NB: term used in the loosest possible sense of the word) in the Cardiff South &...
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    Programmes, IHNRs, Powerplays, etc, etc

    I'm running out of space so I have the following to get rid of:- 100s of programmes (vast majority Devils but a few others too) - 1987/88 to date 100s of Ice Hockey News Review - 1987/88 to 1999/2000 100s of Powerplays - April 1991 (when it was still a newspaper format) to date 26 Ice Hockey...
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    Playoffs weekend

    This is the text of an e-mail I received from EIHL on 13/11/08:- Hi Terry Thank you for your email. The playoffs will be 4th&5th April being held in Nottingham. Kind Regards Sam Taylor bmibaby Elite Ice Hockey League
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    Welsh Sporting Great to Watch devils

    Great news in my view. I noticed he did the Ayatollah each time he was on the Olympic podium. Perhaps a cue to us to "call on him" to do it again?