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    Fixtures coming out on Friday

    Impossible to keep everyone happy with the fixtures; unfortunately with so many mid week games I've not bothered with a season ticket this year after 13 years because its cheaper to just buy every weekend game and skip the 9 that fall on weekdays.
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2022/23

    Good spot. Any clue as to why he took the year out last year? From what I can tell, he signed in Denmark toward the end of Janauary, played 12 league games and 16 playoff games before Aalborg were eliminated from playoffs.
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2022/23

    Doesn't fit in anywhere, We already have Coughler and Martin at 1c and 2c, this guy with those numbers definitely commands top 6.
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    Thinning the jersey collection

    Fisher jersey now sold.
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    Merchandise and kit sale

    To be fair the prices were advertised above the items, there was no disputing that. And Murds was happy to check out the back if you needed something that wasn't put out. The early opening was the shame, we were there for 10am and the only gloves left by that point had holes in the palm or were...
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    Merchandise and kit sale

    The sticks were also advertised as £50 (used) but they were charging £70 :( We got there for 10am when it opened and it was barren with all the usable equipment gone already, such a shame!!!
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    If you're going to charge £50 for a hoodie...

    They've also written the 3 Joshs names differently (Joshua Lammon, Josh Batch, Josh Waller) I believe at least Waller is a 'Joshua'. I tweeted about the Francis spelling when i saw the initial photo. I don't know why things like that bother me so much but it makes my skin itch when people...
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    Thinning the jersey collection

    Sakic Avs jersey now sold
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    Pacha leaves Stars

    Nottingham have made space for him and Simms has poked fun on twitter that "thought he was signing for a top club?", obviously joking at Nottingham. Pacha deserves a shot with a bigger budget, he's been fairly decent at Dundee over the years.
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    Thinning the jersey collection

    Some jerseys I'm looking to part ways with, they're taking up too much space quite frankly. All jerseys are £20 unless otherwise stated More photos available if needed :) Just comment and I'll add them underneath. San Jose sharks - signed Jersey by Rob Davison (played for the devils during...
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    1x ticket available for tonight

    1 ticket available, gold block center ice Anyone looking to come last minute let me know!
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    Devils Vs Clan - Play-off 1/4 Finals - 23/24 April 22

    I have a spare gold section ticket to this game if anyone is looking to go, game is sold out.
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    Devils Vs Clan - League - 6th March 22

    I have a spare ticket if anyone is after one, gold block - £15 :)
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    EIHL Last Man Standing - v4 | Current Champion - Pondlife

    This is getting a bit messy guys, only 3 eihl games this weekend. Unless you guys say otherwise I'm going to cancel the picks this weekend and have a mini break until the league works out what it's doing. Hopefully we can pick this back up in a week or so.