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    It’s looking like Brian and Craig will be coming. I’ve got a family medical issue as well as my son’s playoffs in Vancouver so I’ll sadly be missing it. All coming for playoffs though!
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    Devils Vs Panthers - 22 Jan 20 - CC Semi Final

    I believe we have the best coach in the league. They are trying to improve and find the right mix every day. I personally think they’ll do it. Perspective is also needed here. I know we’ve lost two straight games and that sucks. But we’re 12-4-1 since the Belfast double plus we swept Belfast...
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    Devils Vs Panthers - 22 Jan 20 - CC Semi Final

    Pretty much the exact response I expected from you Mazzoak. I’m aware and comfortable with the way forums and social media works. Complaints and unfounded, sensational claims are much more fun than.. Being a keyboard warrior is so much easier than in real life. Doesn’t preclude me from...
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    Devils Vs Panthers - 22 Jan 20 - CC Semi Final

    OK. Let’s talk about this. You’ve made several comments on here about “owner comments and promises“ and insinuating that I’ve been untruthful, insincere and have not followed through. I would say that it’s more than fair that if you’re going to call me out personally that you let me and...
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    EIHL challenge cup final - Calgary

    I’m afraid there’s no chance that a place in Calgary will show an EIHL game. The four of us usually get together and stream the game onto a big screen somewhere from our phone or iPad. There are a few pubs that may show the rugby. James Joyce pub on 4th St and 24th Ave would be one. Not sure...
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    Upcoming Visit

    The nice thing is that we are escaping the first cold spell of the winter here in Calgary this weekend. I'm pretty sure we'll be able to handle what the UK has to offer. I still chuckle at the issues a moderate snow storm caused when we came over a couple of years ago.
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    Upcoming Visit

    Always happy to do something. Let me know what works for you. Wannabe, I'm staying until Tuesday morning. Wanted to see some of the spots around Cardiff on the Monday this time. I'm planning on another trip or two towards the end of the season depending on how things go.
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    Upcoming Visit

    Hello Infernoites! Just a few days away from our trip to Cardiff and I'm very excited as always to get over there. Myself, Brian and Craig will all be attending amongst a group of 14 or so. We'll be in Manchester on Saturday and taking the train to Cardiff Sunday morning. Please stop by and...
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    Riley called up to Spengler Cup

    That’s correct. We actually used our contacts here to reach out to Hockey Canada on a couple of our player’s behalf. It was close but in the end they went elsewhere.
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    Joey Haddad

    Couldn't be happening to a better guy and also to a better couple. Joey and his wife are part of the glue that makes this group so special. Super star off the ice and he's back to being a star on the ice too.
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    New Signing!

    Yah Jimmy he's put himself in a position where he knows what he's doing after hockey so now he can play the sport that he loves for as long as he can. Very few players have that luxury. He hasn't won a championship before as a pro so his primary motivation is to lift some silverware. He told...
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    New Signing!

    Shaone gets in some time tomorrow. And to other poster's questions, there is nobody leaving the team. I think we've got a great mix of players on more importantly people on this team. Every one of them brings something to the table that I think can win us another title. We've always carried...
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    New Signing!

    Needless to say I'm extremely excited about Shaone coming to join us. As Lordo mentioned, he's been on the radar for a while and through most of the summer it looked like he was coming but he's a very successful businessman back home in Vancouver and needed to make sure everything was tidy...
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    Devils v Steelers

    Very entertaining game. Shows you what can happen when a team comes in and plays hockey instead of trying to steal a win by falling back into a trap. Not criticizing the six teams that do it - it is their best chance to win - but it sure is more entertaining when both teams are pressing. Hats...
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    Devils v Flames - Challenge Cup 26/10

    Would love to hear your thoughts next time in in town. Seems like you have some other ideas.