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    Goals conceded!!

    For goodness sake !!!
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    This seasons Jerseys, What you think?

    Maybe it's because the numbers are a little too big rather than the font. When the shirts rode up over the players shorts? I couldn't work out the numbers and the names were a bit hard to read. As I said , it's just an observation :)
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    Just rested? Already?

    There was a refs conference going on at Nottingham too.
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    This seasons Jerseys, What you think?

    Not a moan but purely an observation. Currently at Nottingham and the numbers on the back of the shirts are hard to read in the font they are printed in. I will get used to them but me no like :(
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    Lessons learned...

    Very good post, unfortunately some "Keyboard warrior experts" won't be able to help themselves :)
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    Abuse being hurled at Devils Management

    C'mon , I put a smillie :) :)
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    Abuse being hurled at Devils Management

    Why ENGLISH in capital letters ? I refer to 'moany old people' regardless of age :)
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    Oooooooooohhh, just to add to the fire, in his tweet he says Next year. Maybe he is trying to fool us with words. He is coming back THIS year but won t be here next year :)
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    If anyone's not feeling the love for the new season yet...

    Just watched the last 5 minutes, my eyes seem to leak at that point. Weird :) :)
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    Abuse being hurled at Devils Management

    Oh come on. How to find an insult when there isn't one. I would rather be called old than disgraceful and pathetic , which is what those people who abused TK are.
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    Early face off times

    People would have just found something else to moan about.
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    Abuse being hurled at Devils Management

    Absolutely pathetic !!! People really should be ashamed of themselves. I hope you do contact Todd and cancel your season ticket if you think that sending abusive emails over three poxy games is acceptable.
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    Early face off times

    Why are people shocked at this ? It was nearly trialled in the past but then cancelled. The club HAVE to try new things to take the club forward. I understand it affects a few people ( I will miss midweek games) but unfortunately the club are doing /trying new approaches which will no doubt...
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    Cardiff Devils drawings

    Wow, they are amazing !!!!