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    Cardiff Devils v Nottingham Panthers - 26/01/20 - League

    Yes Jardine rarely gets mentioned but he has quietly been doing a great defensive job. He has a +/- of +14 which is the highest on the team. I agree on Herr also. He is the standout player for Panthers
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    Fife Flyers v Cardiff Devils - 25/01/20 - League

    Outstanding first period. Awful second period. Good third period. When the Devils stick to the game plan they are unstoppable. Player for player we have more skill than most teams in the league. If we ferociously forecheck like we did in the first and third we dominate the play. Their minds do...
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    Devils Vs Panthers - 22 Jan 20 - CC Semi Final

    What a schizophrenic game. It was as good as it was bad. We remembered how to score goals but forgot how to defend. So pleased to see Marjamaki get some points. He worked so hard. Welcome back also to Joey Martin with a 4 point game. Nice to see Linglet shooting some also and getting a couple...
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    Devils Vs Steelers - 18 Jan 20 - League

    Yes. I don't like calling players out but I agree on Benti
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    Stars v Devils - 19 Jan 20 - League

    ok lets look at the positives and negatives for this game. Positives 1. None Negatives 1. Penalty kill poor 2. Powerplay poor (only goal came from a lucky bounce) 3. Defense - Stars cut through it like a hot knife through butter 4. Passing - poor. Too many passes to the feet or behind...
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    Devils Vs Steelers - 18 Jan 20 - League

    Gutted with the loss but what a great hockey game. Lots of positive to take from it. 1. Linglet scored (please shoot more Chuck) 2. All lines are working well 3. We scored 4 goals including some beauties 4. Riley scored 5. We played physical 6. Joey Hadded continues to be on fire Ref Bownsie...
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    Devils Vs Stars - 12 Jan 20 - League

    I really felt for Linglet when he hit the pipes. He looked so disappointed. I wish he would shoot more often. He seems to lack confidence in his shooting ability which was first class at the end of last season. Would love to see him get that confidence back. Haddad was a playmaker also but look...
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    Storm Vs Devils - 11 Jan 20 - League

    Wow you really will not be happy until you have your pound of flesh. Thankfully Lord does not listen to this forum. Have a look at some of the comments last year criticising Lord for not having the balls to sack someone. We went on to almost win the league and win the playoffs. Lets pretend that...
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    Storm Vs Devils - 11 Jan 20 - League

    Phew. Close game. Its tough to score against Ginn. He save 35 of the 37 shots. I thought we forechecked really well for the first 2 periods and dominated most of the game but we missed a lot of empty nets. Can't help feel we miss a Doucet type player who picks up the scraps in front of net and...
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    Devils Vs Flyers - 05 Jan 20 - League

    Not the best defensive performance but a lot better offensively. 6 goals and lots of near misses. I said to the guy next to me that I didn't like the Pope Reddick Marjamaki line. That will never work. They scored 4 of the goals. Shows how much I know. I thought Linglet played better. He started...
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    Storm Vs Devils - 04 Jan 20 - League

    I would hate to work for some of you. If someone is not performing a good manager finds out what is wrong and tries to see how he or she can help not just sacks everyone. Fair enough if these guys were not not talented enough to play in this league but to talk about sacking Martin, Linglet and...
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    Storm Vs Devils - 04 Jan 20 - League

    It seems a few of our long standing imports are certainly struggling. Last year Benti scored 17 in 56 games and averaged just under a point a game. This season he has scored one goal in 24 games and is averaging 0.5 points second game. Linglet averaged a goal in every 3 games last season. This...
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    Storm Vs Devils - 04 Jan 20 - League

    Well it wasn't as bad as the Coventry game but not a good performance all the same. It was very even for most of the match.We started well but then dropped down a gear after our goal. Then Bownsy let a stinker in and we started chasing the game. Defence moved up leaving holes at the back, next...
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    Devils Vs Blaze - 01 Jan 20 - League (4 FO)

    Ref bownsy I think he has been playing ok except the second guilford game which was a stinker and maybe last night though he was let down defensively. The night before Coventry completely outshot us but Bownsys save percentage was much higher than Coventrys goalie. He also shutout Belfast...
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    Devils v Flames - 28 Dec 19 - League

    I agree with Jimmy. There were lots of crunching hits on Baldwin and other players after the kneeing incident. Batchy hurt him with that crosscheck and he had the audacity to moan to the ref about it. In a game that close in a league that will probably come down to the wire Im glad noone took a...