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    Import Netminders or Additional Skaters?

    Glad he is hanging around, he played an important part in winning us the league last year when Bownsey was out for 5 or 6 games (from memory). He hasn't been used much this year but who knows what the longer term plans are.
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    Steelers Vs Devils - 16 Mar 19 - League

    Some of the comments on this thread are shameful, but no surprise there. It is lucky our management team and players have calmer and more mature heads that most people on this forum. It is still in our hands, we have been the best team this year which is why we are in pole position. And we had...
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    Move on..

    It is great to read some positivity. Who would have thought 5 years ago that we could have it in our own hands to secure an unprecendented 3rd league title in a row with only 6 games left. I think it is important not to forget where we have come from, stay humble and remember the sheer work...
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    Devils Vs Flames - 08 Mar 19 - League

    I 100% agree, there is no point at all fighting at this time of the season, pretty much regardless. We are on track for a #3peat in case people didn't notice!
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    I would have thought Guildford would be bringing 1,000+ fans with such a short journey?! And perhaps Belfast are thinking it is a foregone conclusion, which is a dangerous assumption!
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    Blaze Vs Devils 2 Mar 19 - League

    Tonight's two points were the two points that were on offer. Take each game as it comes, a lot of hockey to play. The great thing is that it is in our hands, we are not relying on another team to lose.
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    Giants Vs Devils - 22 & 23 Feb 19 - League

    I am just waiting for someone to jump on Bownsey...
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    Giants Vs Devils - 22 & 23 Feb 19 - League

    Excellent post, fully agree.
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    Giants Vs Devils - 22 & 23 Feb 19 - League

    I guess the difference is some people see the big picture in things, and others like to really hone in on small, generally negative, details. I stand by my opinion that Batchy has been a solid piece of our league leading team this year. We're still top of the league remember, lets be happy! I...
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    Giants Vs Devils - 22 & 23 Feb 19 - League

    You must be a bit p'd off with some of the abuse Josh is getting, which as usual is an overreaction. He has played pretty solid all year in my opinion. No player has played perfectly, but as a team we find ourselves top of the league which is good enough for me!
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    Giants Vs Devils - 22 & 23 Feb 19 - League

    I didn't see the game, as I mistakenly went to watch Cardiff City get thumped 1-5! But, I don't recall Batchy making the huge number of defensive errors this season that a few posters are saying he has made - I must have missed this string of errors??!! Anyone like to give details of each...
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    Steelers in search for New Coach for next season.

    Shhhhh we don't want Steelers to get good again! :-)
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    Flames Vs Devils - 10 Feb 19 - League

    Just ignore him or her, one of those just waiting in the shadows to pounce at ANY opportunity for negativity. A few of them pounced too soon when we were 3-0 down and came back to 3-3 earning what could be a crucial point! Means we have not lost any ground of Belfast this weekend. The two games...
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    Flames Vs Devils - 10 Feb 19 - League

    A few people spoke a bit soon here by the look of it! Have some faith!! Great comeback for a well earned point, could be crucial!
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    Devils Vs Blaze - 09 Feb 19 - League

    Lake always looks class, would like to see him in a devil's shirt providing he is a decent guy off the ice who will fit in.