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    New Rumours

    On sointus Instagram story he is at the airport and says moving day so he is 100% off somewhere
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    Panthers Vs Devils - League - 17th Oct 2021

    What so saying that was the worst I have seen them play is a bad thing ? Shut up mate it was terrible simple as ! Boring to watch so I turned it off haha fuck off
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    Panthers Vs Devils - League - 17th Oct 2021

    Turned the stream off absolutely shocking today sloppy as hell worst game I have watched the devils play this season 100%
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    Devils Vs Giants - League - 16th Oct 2021

    I though that was a wicked game ! And all slating O’Connor he is a talented player don’t care what any one says I sponsored he jersey I like him everyone is welcome to the opinion ! All around though a good game very good Belfast look a solid team and I think the crowd been a 6th man pushed us...
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    Game worn benti jersey

    Game worn 2019/20 RED benti jersey looking for £200
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    35th Anniversary Jersey for sale

    Sent you a Dm
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    SHOP if you ordered off line then obviously have a order number you just put the order number in and it finds your order !
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    I down loaded the shop app and you get live updates on there getting delivered tomorrow so I’m questing if you have orderd from the shop they will be in there too pick up
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    I have had a notification to say mine has been shipped I orderd on the 10th of September
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    Devils @ Guilford

    Definitely he is another amazing net minder he stands on his head for the blaze , and I also think Owen is one hell of a netminder too for fife , he is going to be busy this year ! But definitely we have the best duo in the eihl I would say
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    Devils @ Guilford

    I agree with this too carruth knows where he is ! And very Very confident, and kozun looks quality too very good net minder ! I like what we have in between the posts ! I don’t miss bowns in the slightest I think what we have now is the best we have had for a long time in them two
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    Devils @ Guilford

    100% I love the NM duo we have this year it’s brilliant
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    Devils @ Guilford

    exactly my thoughts when I was watching it and when I have seen him play in person I like very much what I see
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    This season replicas for sale

    This season red Reid size large replica £60 This season white DuPont size large £60 Only selling as need a XL
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    Devils Sign Valdix

    We was actually talking about this in training the other nite says Mcewan is still a very good friend of his and he said he was just a different class of a hockey player he said he had never played with a player like him