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    EIHL Last Man Standing - v2.0 - Current champion - *Wannabe2*

    Steelers to beat Clan in the cup
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    Devils Vs Panthers - 22 Jan 20 - CC Semi Final

    If that’s the case why haven’t be brought in a goalie as a temporary inj cover or even play Murdy? Our starting Nettie shouldn’t be playing a 60+ game season especially if he’s injured. That’s down to the ‘coach’. Baffling decision if true. 1st period was good, looked comfortable and dominant...
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    EIHL Last Man Standing - v2.0 - Current champion - *Wannabe2*

    Belfast to beat Glasgow on Saturday
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    Stars v Devils - 19 Jan 20 - League

    Thought the owners promised us more physicality a few weeks ago? Haven’t seen that much... We need to win our games in hand otherwise it’s gonna be very difficult catching up to a Steelers team who are scoring goals for fun and who’s goalie is on fire! We’re the opposite. We can barely score...
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    EIHL Last Man Standing - v2.0 - Current champion - *Wannabe2*

    Blaze to beat Flyers 11th Jan (let’s hope I get past the first round this time)
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    Giants vs Devils - 11 Dec 19 - CC

    Louis vs Pelech fight
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    Clan Vs Devils - 7 Dec 19 - League

    He’s been coasting all year...nothing new there. Time to go! Can’t doubt his quality but he’s been bang average this season
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    Steelers Sign.

    That’s a damn good signing for injury cover then! He’s better than some other players in their team that’s for sure
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    Steelers Sign.

    Looks a very good signing. Knows Kukka and they won the CHL together with JYP. Seems a solid power forward and something we could’ve done with tbh. Shows that Fox ain’t afraid to make changes when required.
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    Dundee to beat Manchester...I’m risking it!
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    Devils Vs Giants - 23/24 Nov 19 - League

    We turned crap all of a sudden that’s what happened! Why on the other hand, I have no clue...
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    Devils Vs Giants - 23/24 Nov 19 - League

    And Batchy! Christ if we’re desperate even Reddick will be up for a good old scrap! :D
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    Belfast sign David Goodwin

    And Giants fans said they were better off without Briles...cheers for him by the way. Really appreciate it ;):) Always said Dupuy looked average. Goodwin seems good though
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    Clan Vs Devils - 13 Nov 19 - League

    Sooner morrisonn gets here the better because we’re a joke defensively...think we need an out and out Goalscorer too