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    New 22/23 roster size

    Does the 25 and under Brit rule still apply? If so that's 50% of the Brit roster for each club - must be some opportunities there is this is the case
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    Carruth on Two Ales Podcast

    The story was told at an evening with Simmsey at IAW some years ago, Can't remember fully but think Simmsy forced it out of Todd but I can't remember the story - someone younger (!) on here must remember
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    New Devils Documentary

    It'definitely worth a watch
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    5 coaches needed

    FYI Lord is not recruiting like he did in Cardiff - that's not his role in the ECHL and he's marking time if not moving forward
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    5 coaches needed

    Interesting times ahead Fife, Dundee, Manchester, Nottingham and us all looking for coaches for next season Any thoughts anyone?
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    Giants Vs Devils - Play-Off Final - 1st May 2022

    TBF there are only so many questions that can be asked mid game and any idiot can come up with them. That's not a criticism of the interview but a recognition of the reality - there is no opportunity for the interviewer to develop the interview Similarly Caitlin, like the rest of us, could...
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2022/23

    Matthew Myers tweeted "All packed up and ready to move home. Thank you Douce for keeping me playing and thank you @PanthersIHC for having me. It’s always a pleasure" Standard out of season message but ..............
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    Who we want and don’t want back for next season

    With Mikkleson and probably Dixon retiring and a bench of 22 it means The _Puck list may need supplementing to go with the hobbits. Generally I'd agree with the list but it's hard to say who else should go - style of play and what the additional 8 (a new NM is a given) would look like would...
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    Inferno calm before the storm ….

    DuPont appears to have left his coaching role - he does not show 0n the web page. Only Franny is shown as coach and DuPont as a playerplayer
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    Playoff Weekend

    It's now an international convention centre - was G- Mex
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    Devils Vs Clan - Play-off 1/4 Finals - 23/24 April 22

    I don't know whether it's good or bad but in his post game interview DuPont said they are going up,tonight
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    Devils and coach part ways

    I don't know how you can say Lord is nothing without the Devils - 2nd season in Kelly Cup playoffs is not bad. Let's see what Star Treck day brings if the games go to 7
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    1/4 finals

    I'm guessing but don't the Devils still get paid to manage the arena - as opposed to a % cut
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    EIHL - Playoff 1/4 Final

    At the moment only 1 game is showing for next weekend and that's for 6pm Sunday - no teams listed
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    Another Cock Up

    According to THF Storm have sold 96 and Fife 37 I get they won't qualify but in the past that has not made a difference