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    Devils Vs Växjö Lakers - Tue 16 Oct - CHL

    From where I sat the Linglet call was one of a few good ones. Chuck was hooking away like mad, his opponent closed his arm on the stick at which point Chuck let go, arms in the air and drawing the refs attention to it. . Good ploy but it failed. Love the spirit shown - you have to take your...
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    My Turn - the premiere

    Just for information I and I have seen others have promoted this to a wider audience through Facebook. I tend not to preach to the converted
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    Unless, of course, we pay a bit more than £400 to attract player X - that at least is an option Whichever way you cut it it is a good deal not to be given up lightly by the club
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    Freesport tonight

    They would have done better but they gave then no ice time
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    Växjö Lakers Vs Devils - Tue 9 Oct - CHL

    I do not normally pick on other people's posts nor will I criticise someone's view of any player BUT this seems a pick on Reddick post. You mention certain playerS yet only mention Reddick - why is that?
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    Devils Vs Clan - Sun 30 Sep - League

    And Louis get a Gordie Howe
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    Panthers Vs Devils - Wed 26 Sept - League

    Virgin HD picture fine Commentators are background - I'm just enjoying the game on TV. We all see things differently at a game and we all view TV differently. It's inevitable a professional broadcaster will see things differently to most and that's only right. But let it not distract from our...
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    Think Blood is the other with 1 vacancy
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    Devils Vs MKL- Sun 16 Sept - CC

    IIRC the cup rarely attracts a good turn out in the early stages
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    Devils Parking update

    Having looked at them today I tend to agree - just repeating what I have been told by a council employee involved in traffic management/parking Given Katrina's commentsI wonder if they have simply lost the key!
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    Devils Vs MKL- Sun 16 Sept - CC

    Thoughtbit was fair He seemed to glove it and one of his team was telling him to drop it They seemed to be arguing!
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    Devils Parking update

    Ger - without a managed right turn (i.e. even going right the Morrisons lights still impact getting out of TRU) you can't get to Harvester lights. You are right though if leaving IAW or pool car parks it is a good route and not just for Barry/Penarth
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    Devils Parking update

    I'm not moaning BUT If you don't have car park lights and allow a filter then it would probably be a further nightmare towards the Morrisons lights What might help (certainly help me!) would be the use of the "in lane" as a right turn - don't know if it's feasible Generally though we should...
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    Devils Parking update

    The proper entry/exit are not blocked with cones but rusted in rise/fall pilars. Took me about 20 mins to exit - about the same as last time I used the pool car park and about the same as IAW car park It will be variable I guess based on when you arrive/leave and where you can park. I'll...
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    Devils Parking update

    And they get their money how? Could it be from selling/scrapping old cars, selling tyres, hubcaps, bonnettes etc. TRU for me