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    Appreciate that mate. But if you donate in ticket sales time, you get tickets. Text me what you would like to donate and I will put you in the next raffle. Trust me, you want to be in that one... And a massive thank you from all of us.
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    Stars Vs Devils - Wed 3 Oct - League

    Pacha reminds me a lot of G, and I don't say that lightly - by that I mean you know whatever team he has, wherever you play, you can't take a night off against them. With the budgets he has worked with I think he has done very well. They will take some scalps this year imho.
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    For those not on social media - we sold 500 £2 tickets in just over 5 hours today. Utterly unbelievable. We have more to come very soon... Thanks to any Inferno member who supported the raffle. Draw at 7pm tomorrow on facebook live.
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    Hi all. The UK Charity Allstars are starting a fundraising campaign today for Scarlett's family. They always support Ty Hafan and never ask for anything but things like funeral costs mount up, and we'd also like them to be able to create some more great times in celebration of Scarlett. First...
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    Thommo gone!

    Ignoring for a moment the potentially sad fact that Paul's health was affected, and whilst 'personal reasons' is almost unilaterally used as a 'jump before pushed excuse', what amazes me is that the biggest Clubs, in the biggest Leagues in the world, regularly fire Coaches for mad starts, bad...
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    Quite. For the same reason, I'm always amazed we don't lose Jake to injury more.
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    There are clips of every trophy won under the Calgary four in the intro, several of the POFW celebrations too, and have been since the first pre-season game. The clip to which you refer is simply one more of those, it just happens to have a great, short (and still relevant as we are back to...
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    The thinking behind the intro is that it's showing the team getting ready and getting us ready for the game. Also I like to show some of the things fans don't get to see hence the locker room stuff. Not sure when last you saw it but both League wins, the Playoffs and both CC wins are included in...
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    Favourite jersey?

    Even tie for me. The 1996/7 ISL winning jersey that Bownsy's pads are paying homage to this year and the one Sean mentioned - black Coca Cola jersey, red dragons on the shoulder. Stunning. I'd love to take credit for that black shirt but the whole thing was Glenn Mulvenna's idea. Started quite a...
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    Abuse being hurled at Devils Management

    The people who hurl this kind of abuse aren't exactly famous for doing it in a public environment, unless they can hide behind a twitter handle or a username. You won't see them approaching Todd in the bar, as a rule. Yes the Inferno membership has been brought into it - though of course that...
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    Early face off times

    Not cool. Simms territory. Except he's so out of the loop he would probably say Manic / depressive. Not at all cool. As a member of the MIND team for the UK Charity allstars and a passionate advocate for mental health issues, your comments are crass, ill-informed and just plain offensive to...
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    Cardiff Devils Confirmed Signings & Departures 2018/19

    We really do suffer from 'fastest gunslinger' mindset now - we all assume each of our players has to all be first team all stars and every other team wants to take us down. I'll take that position. It's easy to talk about one guy replacing another, and all that really does is place pressure on...
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    My Turn - the premiere

    Hope everyone that attended - and there were a lot of us - took the full measure of devotion that the My Turn movie offers. An astonishingly good piece of cinema, lovingly and expertly crafted. I tip my hat to Rhino and everyone involved - that was a beautiful way to deliver the My Turn message.
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    Your most memorable moment from the WNIR

    Game wise, hard to ignore 'that' Nottingham bench clearance. But I can't choose one. Having the honour of the pre-game warmup of the Crowd (and their huge wall of song) for the CC in 2006 and Phil Thomas kindly arranging for me to perform the last ever pre-game anthem were huge personal moments...
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    Cardiff Devils Confirmed Signings & Departures 2018/19

    I get this viewpoint. For me though I've never enjoyed having your tough guy (if we even have one this year) on D. Too big a hole to cover for 5 minutes or God forbid, 17. I do however love knowing nothing, and blindly speculating with trust in those who make the signings. It's fun for hockey to...