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    If there is anyone interested in hosting MNL in tandem with myself and others please PM me and I can talk you through whats needed
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    Auto inputting would be very dangerous as over the years i have needed to edit texts especially from non regular texters. Fans have their favourite players who can do no wrong whilst they will vent their anger with gusto at others THEY believe are underperforming or should t have a taxi...
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    Home games are not a problem its the away games that cause problems. If it wasnt for a small group of travelling Devils fans and help from opposition fans MNL would have collapsed years ago
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    What Chris says is correct, it has become impossible for me to give full time commitment to MNL. I would have been forced to step aside 2 seasons ago if it Russky had not come on board. He has already commented that he cannot devote as much time as previously. I had planned to spend the early...
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    Forum Upgrade

    Thanks Dave got rid of the black
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    Forum Upgrade

    James I agree with Wannabe2 I find RED on Black nigh on impossible to read
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    Ice time tv

    Are we sure Icetime TV is continuing?
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    Hands up

    That was a short 2 weeks
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    Those not coming back

    Martin Lindman was an incredible D man who started his pro career with the Devils and then played in the DEL & SEL with distinction for many years
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2018/19

    I saw Hunter Shinkaruk play for Utica Comet s when he was sent down from the Canucks
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2018/19

    Adam Comrie (D) has been tranfereed to Flagerfurter in EBEL from Utica Comets. The two way D man with 302 AHL games & 46 goals would have fitted the bill for Devils. Maybe Stevie Lyle can have a word with is old foe Robert Esche (Comets owner) if the have a spare D for us
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2018/19

    Talking to a family friend in Utica last week was told a Comets/Canucks player from last seasons roster was Europe bound. He was unable to confirm as the Comets roster for next season will only be filled after Canucks finalise their roster although interesting the Comets have signed players from...
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    NHL's first Cardiff born player

    Now Nathan becomes the first Cardiff born player to win Stanley Cup
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    GB were seeded as the bottom seed as they were only promoted last season. Next season they will be seeded 15 and I believe they will be in the same group as the Silver and Bronze medalist in this years championships starting next week
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    Devils v Flyers - Sat 7 Apr 2018 - Play Offs S-Final - FO 1pm - Chat/Updates

    I am sure I read somewhere that the BBC are actually taking the webcast feed so keep your fingers crossed