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    Looking for game worn jerseys

    Trevor Hendrikx game worn XXL in white for season 2015/16 for sale if you are interested.
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    Buying jerseys

    PM sent
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    2019/20 Black Jersey For Sale

    I have a 2019/20 (this seasons) black adult jersey in Large with 70 Linglet on it for sale. (A proper one not one of the dodgy first batch with everything in the wrong place). Only worn twice so like brand new. Cost £90 new so will take £60. I should have got an XL so will be ordering one...
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    Devils Vs Giants - 23/24 Nov 19 - League

    Apparently stolen from the away dressing room at the Viola arena overnight on Saturday. Kit man prepped and left out all their kit on Saturday evening after the game ready for the Sunday fixture and when they arrived Sunday it was gone.
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    Songs and Chants suggestions thread

    I’d have to disagree. Until this season our chants have been pretty much ‘let’s go devils’ or ‘devils’ followed by a bunch of claps. Oh and the same uninspiring song for both Joey Martin and Joey haddad. The good ones we have now are taken from football. I don’t get your point regards the...
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    Jersey update

    Still waiting. It’s beyond pathetic now.
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    Songs and Chants suggestions thread

    This would be brilliant. Just change it from ‘City’ to ‘Devils’. Could easily get the whole rink singing this and the DJ could even buy in ‘Hey Jude’ - The Beatles
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    Standing Area

    A few reasons really; 1) not a great view 2) next to the away section 3) we only attack that end once For me the best option is Block 10 or directly behind the goals we attack twice (can’t remember what block number that is). Neither of those two will ever happen though as it would involve...
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    Standing Area

    This 100%. I’m in block 19, my son is moving to block 13 permanently (he was there last week). I’m going this week for a bit of fun but will definitely not be moving to block 13. If it was somewhere else I’d be interested but not at that end. I think it is totally the wrong place for it.
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    Kris Agland

    Dan Forbes the Strength and Conditioning coach has been let go as well this season.
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    Trevor Hendrikx #74 white 2015/16 - £200

    Sure is. DM me.
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    Devils Vs Steelers - 6 & 7 Apr 19 -Play Off Quarter Finals

    Dodged a major bullet there. Steelers missed quite a few gilt edged chances. They could easily have scored 8 and I wouldn’t have said that was unfair. Fingers crossed we benefit from their wasted efforts and get over the line tomorrow. Should be a great atmosphere
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    Devils Vs Steelers - 6 & 7 Apr 19 -Play Off Quarter Finals

    Still in the mother of all downers after Sunday so I’m sure this is clouding my judgement. Soooooo deflated after losing to Coventry. I really hope the players aren’t feeling like I do otherwise we’ll be sitting out POFW. Especially as the Steelers have hit their usual end of season patch of...
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    Personally i disagree with all of the trolling and personal insults, calling out and tagging players and club officials into tweets etc. If you read through my posts you’ll see I consistently call people out when they’re talking rubbish. I think we have one of the worst, most insular and down...