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    Storm Vs Devils - 15 Dec 18 - League

    I take that as a reply to the Twitter comments, which are completely indefensible, such a reaction is no surprise. Having said that whilst family and players shouldn’t be reading such abuse, it’s part of being present on social media as a celebrity, all be it a small celebrity status. As such...
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    Storm Vs Devils - 15 Dec 18 - League

    Greatness is measured by achievement against adversity, when all seems lost, when legs are tired, mountains too steep, odds stacked heavily against you, you used everything to gain advantage, too beat the odds and triumph. Foolishness is measured when using all those tools you still managing to...
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    Scott Matzka has sadly passed

    Sad sad news, great ambassador. RIP Scott Matzka.
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    Storm Vs Devils - 15 Dec 18 - League

    This team can absolutely win the league. In much the same way the Titanic could have been a massive success.
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    Storm Vs Devils - 15 Dec 18 - League

    Much needed win, makes yesterday even more frustrating & another away, which is not going to impress home fans.......
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    Storm Vs Devils - 15 Dec 18 - League

    If the team has any respect for their coach, the fans, the team and the owners there should be an obvious commitment, no matter the result. Having said that a 50-0 score line in our favour wouldn’t be enough. We are getting closer to the point at which questions need to be asked of Lord, the...
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    Devils Vs Clan - 14 Dec 18 - CC 1/4 Final

    I fully agree with Lord on a few points, one in particular. The EIHL in terms of quality has moved, we have players with proven quality, who are now coasting, one particular person in the organisation is looking out of his depth. It is time for our style of game to change with the league...
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    Giants Vs Devils - 9 Dec 18 - League

    I guess the possibility some people may have dyslexia, lower IQ or for various reasons a poorer education is beyond your high moral intelligence then. Just read the posts, don’t become ironical.
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    Giants Vs Devils - 9 Dec 18 - League

    Considering the last few weeks returning with a point isn’t bad, not good, certainly not great.
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    Trey Lewis leaves

    I’m the eternal sceptic, never believing the social media stance many partake in, by which I’m meaning that annoying trait of showing your perfect life, business, partner or whatever for all too see, sometimes the more perfect it appears, the less perfect it actually is. In this case a club...
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    More players available?

    Assuming Brine left because he’d had better offer, wouldn’t surprise me if he returned. If he was binned for other reasons, then l doubt a return. I very much doubt Zagreb will fold though.
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    Devils Vs Flames - 5 Dec 18 - League

    Well needed win, l’ll take that..........
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    Faryna Leaves

    Some guy, l think he’s a fan, definitely in the know within the club, told me that the club has a plan B,C,D. I can reveal his name is Todd.......
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    Faryna Leaves

    I’m sure response will come when a replacement has been found and signed. I’m sure the owners are awaiting Todd’s plan of action first, to be honest l doubt there is much to add at this point, this isn’t Brexit, we haven’t hit an iceberg, no need to panic.