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    Devils vs Flames - 14 Sept - CC

    What happened to the #67 sure we only seen in the period for a shift or 2? Mo to make a comeback!!
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    Graz 99ers vs Devils - 7 Sept - CHL

    What did the owners have to say in the Q&A before the game?
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    All the new guys looked good Masi already a crowd favourite and in Todd's words put in the biggest hit in pre season history after about 10 seconds. We looked fast and ready to go this is going to a entertaining season win or lose. A good work out by all coped with a few 5 on 3s. No #88...
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    Well that was entertaining
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    Cardiff Devils Confirmed Signings & Departures 2019/20

    He seems to be happy with life at the devils. Happy in his role which is what you need has a team . No mention of him doing equipment role mind
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    Devils sign Mike Mcnamee

    Can someone point me in the direction of the podcast with Dixon please.
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    Off-Season Quiz No. 1

    Louis, Reddick, Fournier, Mo & Dixon
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    Off-Season Quiz No. 1

    Sure he played in Coventry cc cup game
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    Devils Vs Giants - 14 Apr 19 - Play Off Final Mega Game

    YES WELL DONE DEVIL'S !!!!!!!!!
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    Devils Vs Panthers - 13 Apr 19 - Play Off Semi Final Spectacular

    Be interesting to see if Haddad plays. I have feeling hes not been fully fit for a while. Think he has warmed up a few times but not played. Just keeping the opposition on they're toes
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    2019 - 2020 Roster ...

    Let's hope he right place this weekend
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    Blaze v Giants

    Lets hope the worm turns.
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    Tickets for Coventry next Sunday

    All done block9 take over
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    Devils Vs Storm - 23 Mar 19 - League

    Job done Let's move on to Sunday