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    Paul Crowder

    Very true but he did look laboured, maybe after having a year out his level's weren't up there and now he's hitting his stride.
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    Paul Crowder

    I watched him closely last year and his stick and puck handling was very good but talk about put a rocket up his ass. It was Like he was skating in treacle.
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    My Turn - The Movie to purchase

    Thank you to Diafol for link.
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    My Turn - the premiere

    I was replying to this part of your message meaning lots of people had something to say about Scott. No one said don't donate anymore. Just because people aren't commenting doesn't mean they're not donating. Many read this forum and aren't members. Everybody who buys the film or makes a...
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    My Turn - the premiere

    They did on this thread.
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    My Turn - the premiere

    Just cause no comments on here doesn't mean no one has bought it and many i'm guessing went to the premier. Many people may have read this thread but they don't have to comment and just cause no comments doesn't mean its being ignored.
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    MKL v Devils - Sun 14 Oct - CC

    Be fair game not finished that long ago, not everybody is glued to their keyboard or phone.
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    Devils v Stars - Sat 13 Oct - League

    Its always interesting to read the comments on every game being as my first game won't be till 27th Oct when i get back to UK.
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    Paul Crowder

    To be fair what player in any sport has ever said "I hate this team its worse than the last and the city is terrible" No one has, you'd be hounded out if you did.
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    Playoffs hotels in Nottingham

    I've paid £138 for 2 nights for a double room at Britannia hotel for next year, nice and central and a short walk away from arena. Booked it in July.
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    Växjö Lakers Vs Devils - Tue 9 Oct - CHL

    Maybe not so much reaction as it was a nothing game really as we were already out of CHL.
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    Steelers new Coach

    With a playing career like he has had why Sheffield? Got to be a money move.
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    Mk v panthers.

    That's a big score already, you can't underestimate any team in this league and i'm sure there will be more upsets to come as still early days.
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    Devils Vs Storm - Sat 6 Oct - League

    Can't underestimate them though, they beat Nottingham in last game
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    This Squad

    They do look good this season and all players brought in this season are bringing something different to our game but lets not get carried away, still early days yet lets not get ahead of ourselves. One game at a time.