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    New Coach.....

    Ceman is a solid front runner for me, intelligent coach and someone who has the strength to live with the ‘after Lordo’ pressure. Whilst I respect Dixon immensely for what he does at Guildford, I can imagine some of the ‘physical play above all else’ fans sharpening their knives within a game...
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    CHL draw

    I would imagine that things will look better by then but it would be useful to get some guidance about away fans at some point before we book flights etc
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    Benti retires

    Agree, that is the biggest shame, one of the best signings as he (along with Ulmer) brought a winning mentality to the team. Hopefully next season something can be organised for say thank you. Good luck in the future to all the Bentiviglios
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    That would be my guess and actually.... it could be good fun if there is a bit of a change in format.... anyone remember the old Trafford tournament that used to open the season. That was always a blast
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    Cardiff Devils 2019/20.

    My best guess was that we would win the league but maybe not the playoffs and for me, that would have been a very good season. At times this team has been as good as I have ever seen. Some of the CHL games contained hockey of a level that I have rarely seen and we can count ourselves a little...
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    Confirmed Signings (& some departures) - All Teams 2019/2020

    Fair play, I’ll chalk that one up. I am still not a fan but he has been a great fit in Sheffield and despite a lot of their fans currently moaning, for me they have overperformed this season and Vallerand has been a big factor why. I can’t be bothered to trawl back but I think I said that if we...
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    Panthers vs Devils

    I am sure you will tell him this when you see him later , maybe he will tell you our record under him compared to every other team in the league. I rarely respond to such detailed analysis but whilst I assume you are either having a laugh, a supporter of another team or have been mortally...
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    Blaze Vs Devils - 23 Feb 20 - League

    Blaze have not lost in regulation in the last 12 games.... this is going to be a tough one....
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    Difficult to argue, consistent with other bans
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    Season tickets?

    The clubs meet every July to decide on fixtures and bar a few tweaks this fixture list stays the same for the season. Fixtures and face off times are a negotiation between teams and they also take into account more immoveable problems such as availability of ice, travel and traditional face off...
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    DOPS Changes

    Playing Devils Advocate here but was it really that bad? Agree it was mistimed but the way it was described I thought it was similar to Bertuzzi on Moore.... definitely worthy of a ban but if O’Connor sits for 2 for sticking someone in the face then 3 would seem the absolute maximum.
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    Giants Vs Devils - 1 + 2 Feb 20 - League

    I wouldn’t disagree with the lack of chances but in perspective, we won 4 of those 6 games which is a decent return (I think your figures were before yesterday?) The problem is that Sheffield have been on a superb run and 4 out of 6 is not going to catch them. Having watched Sheffield a lot this...
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    Giants Vs Devils - 1 + 2 Feb 20 - League

    I think pessimism is normal for sports fans. I take the point about Haddad but leaving aside Coventry (who are not going to win the league). We are the second top goal scorers. Sheffield are definitely in pole position but to repeat myself, they keep beating the odds and I really do not think...
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    Cardiff Devils v Nottingham Panthers - 26/01/20 - League

    Currently 2-1 Blaze you could be right...