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    Lightning lose...

    I think callum buglass is on a 2 way with MK and peterborough so he may well get called up
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    Panthers Vs Devils - 26 Jan 19 - League

    Ulmer did what was needed, fair play for standing up for a team mate
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    Panthers Vs Devils - 26 Jan 19 - League

    I know its free but they have got a lot to learn. Camera work is all over the shop. Mine isnt buffering though
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    ECHL would be a step backwards. I think most of our team are AHL quality
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    Your favourite icehockey agitator?

    As a Rangers fan I should hate Marchand but I dont. Brilliant at what he does
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    Cardiff Junior Devils game saturday

    If anybody is after a Saturday afternoon hockey fix, the Cardiff Junior Devils 11A (coached by Jason Stone) are playing in the Viola Arena this Saturday, 13.15 face off. The game is against local and arch rivals Swindon and is the first encounter between them so far this season. Both teams go...
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    Ice Hockey teams or open training?

    Are you an adult or an u18? Either way I can probably help you, I am the LTP manager for the JR Devils but we also run the adult LTP. Drop me a line on
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    Craig Moore departs

    Mark is a personal friend of mine and he never speaks ill of the club in any capacity. He is far too much of a gentleman for that. I have no idea who Rolf is but he is entitled to his own opinion but even if he is related to Mark, it doesn't mean he is sharing Marks opinions. Anyway my...
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    Scott Matzka has sadly passed

    Unfortunately Scott has passed away. Hugely talented player and a brave fight
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    How many players have played under the current ownership

    How many players have played at least 1 game under the current owners? I would imagine its less than most other teams over the last 4 years as most of our squad tend to return. Netminders - 4. Bowns, Will, Murdy and Lawday. I think somebody else did get a call up once for a game as well but...
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    Lack of atmosphere

    Been a slow decline in atmosphere since the BBT. A few exceptions but by and large I just dont find myself entertained as much as I used to be. Due to the larger ice and subsequent playing style there are less hits and therefore less fights. A new slicker hockey is in play, its very pretty but...
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    Rumour Ben O’Connor leaving Swedish team

    I dont think we need him to be honest, in fact I dont think we need anyone. Easily the best team in the league this season and I am convinced we will win all 3 competitions anyway without signing a new player. We already have Batch, Blood and Louis who will all scrap where required and to a...
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    Rupert Brothers depart Sheffield

    Tyler Mosienko I would guess
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    Red Bull Salzburg Vs Devils -Thu 6th Sept 2018 / 7:30pm (CEST) - CHL

    Bowns is a very good netminder we are lucky to have. He is however having a bad run but he will get over that. Whilst its not the best time to have a blip, its not like we were ever going to win the CHL anyway
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    Devils shop?

    Best off using facebook messenger.