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    Top 7 EIHL Defensemen ...

    due respect to fournier at this point whos a terrific devil, but weller was the best D man who ever played in the league imho!! I'd also put tyson typlitski and hotham ahead in EIHL era
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    We may be called the Devils

    head teacher of my kids school. great memory to get his name out there!
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    20/21 Squad

    we would need another British player to roll 4 full lines assuming rutkis is still signed
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    All stars

    motte was the best goalie in the league by a mile. would love him in a red shirt. Brits wise Ferrara obviously is the stand out player this season so no doubt the sharks will be circling this off season.
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    or would a brit scorer?
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    i guess with regards to fournier he scores a lot of goals. too newer fans and particularly youngsters, thats bound to stand out more than a stay at home guy who's defending for his life. for me jardine was my choice. after a rough start finding his feet, he was by far our most consistent player...
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    season tkts

    i can see a lot of people holding fire now. loads of financial strain and potentially a delayed start or reduced game season
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    Email with regards to tickets bought.

    what email? is this about season tickets?
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    Season Cancelled

    with reference to refunds i wonder if it would help to just encompass it into next years games? maybe champions league games free or something. rather than dish out cash. id potentially take a Jersey if it works out for the club financially. must be a decent mark up on them anyhow. just a...
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    Patrick Bordeleau

    still young enough to get fit and play properly again. when he could be arsed he was a wrecking ball for us. decent on penalty kill. he certainly doesnt want to be playing in that beer league in canada
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    Patrick Bordeleau

    hope he puts his time in, sorts his head out and comes back better.
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    Steelers in the .....

    great stat steve.
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    Cardiff Devils 2019/20.

    motte was the best i seen. he made some ridiculous saves. he won them games as recognised by their coach and fans on social media. he moved quickly and made huge back to back saves against us numerous times. ones i know i havent seen since Osaer was in net for us. Carr was good. looked big in...
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    Cardiff Devils 2019/20.

    personally id get a high end import net minder and sign ferrera from Coventry. give him top 2 lines. i mean benti or linglet couldnt hit a cows arse with a banjo and played top 2 all year so why couldnt he! Bowns for me is a good net minder, but he doesnt win us big games. I look on envious at...
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    Matthew Myers Testimonial?

    i also thought this earlier in the season and guessed perhaps it was in his plans to potentially retire?