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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2022/23

    Joey’s in Colorado.
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    5 coaches needed

    From what I’ve heard, Todd & others weren’t so keen on the signing given the information, but Skalde insisted. I’ll leave that where it is and allow others to take it as they would like.
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    5 coaches needed

    (Not replying to you James, just adding to your point) When DuPont was recruited by Skalde, Brodie told Skalde he wasn’t ready to play in August for CHL. He was 2 months behind on his training - and wouldn’t be ready until October/November. Skalde signed him anyway, and said it was fine. Then...
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    Who we want and don’t want back for next season

    4 line hockey is only 20 players. 14 imports, 6 brits.
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    Inferno calm before the storm ….

    Reggie as captain…? Really? Couldn’t disagree much more personally.
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    Storm Vs Devils - League - 10th April 22

    This may have something to do with DuPont not having coaching licences? I believe Franny does. Same as when Todd & Jamie Elson took the bench in CHL, Elson has coaching licenses, Todd doesn’t. Not stating fact, just thoughts.
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    Devils and coach part ways

    You know, I’d actually had this same thought, but have been too busy to put it in writing. It’s an interesting one.
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    Food at the rink: your thoughts?

    Difference is mate, you watched Ducks vs Blackhawks. We’re watching Devils vs Fife Flyers…
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    Stars Vs Devils - League - 16th Feb 22

    The linesman who got involved Vytas Lukosevicius has been in our league a while, and he’s played D1 and coached D3 world champs hockey. He knows his stuff. If anything I’d say it was on lino #77 to get involved also and stop the fight once it had hit the ground. Not excusing Louis at all mind...
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    Devils Vs Panthers - League - 12th & 13th Feb 22

    Only just. 28 games from a possible 51 (52 if you count the game currently in play)
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    Hang on...Rask what?

    What does the fact they don’t have a single black player now have to do with anything…? Genuine question.
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    Dave Whistle

    Oh absolutely a good pickup, definitely no disputing that.
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    Dave Whistle

    I think Leeds wanted him to move into a sole “hockey ops” role, rather than the dual role he was doing, and he refused. Rather than him being straight up sacked by them.
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    Giants Vs Devils - League - 4th & 5th Feb 22

    Yep you’re right mate, Simon Kitchen played for Castlereagh Knights & Dumfries Vikings, along with Ireland in D3 of the World Champs back in the 90’s - and that’s just what’s on his Elite Prospects. And I mean, as for Dicko. He’s been around plenty long enough as we all know.
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    Giants Vs Devils - League - 4th & 5th Feb 22

    Completely uncalled for mate. I hope you come back to this and review your thoughts today when you’re a little more calm.