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    Lord wins

    They lost game 2. McNamee and Haddad both scored though.
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    Lord wins

    Rabbits win the first game in overtime.
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    Is it true players have joined lord and won't be back? McNamee Haddad and jardine?
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    Mark Louis KO punch

    Always been tough. And very under rated.
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    Favourite Jersey

    I would have to say Dallas stars black jersey apparently being released for next season is the best I have ever seen
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    New Jerseys

    White or black for me
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    Lord in Greenville

    The first year yes
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    Lord in Greenville

    I'm surprised because he was rumoured to leave us in the off season for Fife flyers. So based on that lord wouldn't have signed him back. Maybe Bryce is what lord and Greenville need so good luck to him
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    Lord in Greenville

    Lord just signed Bryce reddick... I'm surprised
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    Riley retires!

    Next season will be anyone's league. There will be tonnes of different players and managers.
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    Bownsy at Graz

    And they won 6-2 lol.
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    Any updates on our Devils players in Europe

    Joey martin scored tonight but his team lost 4-2
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    Stanley Cup Final Tampa v Dallas

    Sorry don't understand you.
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    Stanley Cup Final Tampa v Dallas

    Why do you seem to think your the boss wannabe? You correct peoples spelling and you tell people not to post scores. You even moan at some peoples posts if you don't agree with them.