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    New Signing!

    Being a professional hockey player who's played at the highest level I'm sure he'll give his all, can't think someone who's a multi millionaire would chose the UK in the middle of winter for a holiday.
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    Clan Vs Devils - 13 Nov 19 - League

    Personally speaking I would happily watch my team in a mid table position and see passion, effort and grit every game, seeing us knock around and shake up a few of the high riding teams with some big hits and no nonsense approach. Lots will disagree but I put a lot of importance on being...
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    Clan Vs Devils - 13 Nov 19 - League

    It's a long season, remember last season and Belfast and 11points. Plenty of time to remedy current problems and I've got enough faith in coaches/managers to get the job done, we'll be thereabouts come April.
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    Clan Vs Devils - 13 Nov 19 - League

    Are we being a little disrespectful to Clan? I've seen them play us twice this season and I believe on both occasions they were the better side. I feel we can perform better than we did last night but Clan will always give us a close game this season, we have many talented players who to be...
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    Devils v Flames

    loved Cam Jansen when he played for Panthers, worth the entrance money just to see him play.
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    Devils v Steelers

    Come on Devil's..'let's ave em'.
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    Devils v Steelers

    Unlikely to happen, teams take liberties with us with no retribution forthcoming.
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    Devils v Steelers

    It's gonna be a good close game I hope, but recent performances don't instill confidence in us to send them home "battered and bruised". If we up our game and not allow silly goals against we can win this absolutely, but we're so inconsistent and non physical in our games so far, I hope we show...
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    Andrew Lord Interview

    Excellent interview, covered all the points that seem to be bothering quite a few fans on this forum myself included. Keep up the good work John.
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    Challenge Cup Qtr Finals

    Just giving my opinion, not worth much really but the fact is I'd be less than confident of progressing v Giants, others will probably have differing opinions as they are totally entitled to. Will you be confident of progress for Devil's?
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    Challenge Cup Qtr Finals

    Atm we'd have more chance of winning the lottery than beating the Giants, need to up our game considerably.
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    Sointu moves on

    Been very impressed with Matius, shame he's leaving us, we'll be that little bit weaker without him.
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    Devils shirts

    A tastefully 'ice sports' decorated arena would certainly brighten up the place. As mentioned earlier in the thread we have 'history' and plenty of it, highlighting some of this history makes sense by the use of shirts, photographs etc,etc. I'm sure it would make a great conversation starter...
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    Physical poll

    Why sign players whose playing style is physical then have them not use those qualities? If we're going down the skill/speed road then why not just sign players who play that way? Surely a physical player who is coached/advised to be less physical is having their best qualities coached out of...