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    CHL Draw

    The CHL DRaw is live on FreeSports for those interested.
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    Fan Council Updates

    Why do people assume families would prefer earlier FO times. Maybe for the walk up / newbies but for ST holders no. Committing to a full season is expensive, my 10 year old has dance, urdd, sports activities and birthday parties for her friends on the weekend most of which will end approx 4 -...
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    Help sought Play Off Tickets

    This may be wishful thinking but its worth a try. We are a family of 5 for the play offs we've got tickets in the Cardiff Blocks but have 2 seats row j block 13, 2 seats block 13 row K and one seat block 12 row p. Does anyone with a single seat in Block 13 mind swapping for a seat in Block 12...
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    Fan Council Updates

    Like with any meeting. The minutes have to be agreed with all participants. To be fair the Devils have been rather occupied this week. Todd mentioned the FC @ the Q&A last night. I'm sure once all have agreed the minutes feedback will take place.
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    Champions Hockey League Final

    Its nice to see Vaxjo Lakers reach the final (beat them on aggregate). The Devils might not be there but I'm pleased to say that one Devils supporter will be there. Congratulations to Rachel Jones (one of the Devils CHL Ambassadors) on joining the CHL Media team in Vaxjo for the final as part...
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    Any idea what block Devils tickets are for at Vaxjo on 11th October.
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    New format 2nd Tier

    Where are Telford & Hull?
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    Ticket for fife

    Messaged you. Yes Please
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    Guess why IAW cancelled junior hockey?

    6000 youngsters (9-17) and their parents, experience a well presented series of events put on by the people involved with our club and you think none are going to come and take a visit to see the Devils. Really. Don`t let your annoyance get in the way of the facts either. Reduced icetime for one...
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    Guess why IAW cancelled junior hockey?

    El and Rhi back from the game. Seemed to very well apart from the score, the difference between 2nd and 8th ranked in the world is very substantial. Todd seemed to cope on the mike with kipper in charge of the scoreboard. Both were pretty sure the video presentation was a Sully production too.
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    Guess why IAW cancelled junior hockey?

    Good luck to Netball Wales tonight and tomorrow night against New Zealand. I know one or two have got all hot and bothered about this but we should be helping other minority sports out as well. Tomorrow is sold out (+3000) and when I booked tickets for Eleanor and Rhianwen (she plays for Pel...
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    Your First Ever Devils Game

    Ashfield Islanders, the first ever game. A friend of mine was into american sports and persuaded me to go along. Remember in those days the enthusiasm, noise (air horns - imagine probably 1000 of those going off every goal), the time warp, wig-wham-bang and the YMCA. ST holder since 1986...
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    Any Welsh speaking fans

    Glynne PM me Rachel would love to do it. Fully fluent and would love the experience. Shes doing Broadcast Journalism at USW from end of this month.
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    Devils v Trappers - 27/08 19:00 - Exhibition - Chat/Updates

    Re: Devils v Trappers - 27/08 19:00 - Exhibition - Chat/Upda The games have been of a high quality. The attendance poor, but it is holiday season. There have however been many new people attending. People who have been enthused by the hockey and may come back.