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    Rumour mill

    He said in his Instagram post that his main reason for not returning to Belfast was due to current COVID Crisis and that next season he would therefore be staying close to home.
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    New season = rebuilding season?

    In a recent interview TK said that the majority of returnees were already signed/deciding and that they'd be looking for around 5 new faces in line with previous campaigns! The players know what to expect in this league and how to Win so I would hope it wouldn't be too big of a transition for a...
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    Rumour mill

    It won't be Wheeling given it's a Head Coaching Role... You have to think that it'll be the Greenville Swamp Rabbits given they've just started following him and they announced Tuesday that they wouldn't be renewing their current Coaches Contract! I can only wish Lordo all the very best.
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    Rumour mill

    They've recently announced their New Coach, Assistant Role? :
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    20/21 Squad

    They'll only confirm if he is going... Not if he isn't!
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    20/21 Squad

    He could choose to get out of it yes... But the Club won't announce anything unless he decides to leave for another club as there's no need to confirm he's back given the current deal in place.
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    20/21 Squad

    He's on a long multi-year deal... They'd only make an announcement if he wasn't taking up the option to return!
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    20/21 Squad

    Looks like they didn't even bother to read the article they took the time to share! Using something against our owner that actually backs up his argument!
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    Tickets on sale monday for cc final.

    They've Sold Out already.
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    Challenge cup ticket!

    Early next week they will update!
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    We look after our players!

    Already been confirmed by TK that we'd see him at some point this season!
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    Pride Jersey Auction

    The signed club pride Jerseys were sold at the end to be fair!
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    Steelers Sign.

    You could say the same about Sointu... I'd imagine if he proves himself he may stick around at the expense of someone else if they get back to fitness! His stats don't suggest he's a point scorer but you never know and they're not exactly short of goals, it's defensively they have issues so he...
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    Steelers Sign.

    He's injury cover!