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    Steelers vs Devils - League 26th Sept 21

    Oconnor didnt help with his soft penalty, but he has a reputation for doing this..and at times it costs you. Still a good addition to have..d Philips pushing the net of was a blatant major pen and could have 10 mins..theres a game changer for the devils..just wasn't called. Reid is a name being...
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    Steelers vs Devils - League 26th Sept 21

    Knew this would bite back.. Steelers are a good team, with a good coach. They raised a banner, forced their way back into the game and won in overtime. No pretenders here for me, they look very comfortable. Devils are a good side, but their defence looks a little shakey. Having had the...
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    Devils vs Flames - CC - 25th Sept 21

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    Vaccine certificates

    What's the attendance figures allowed within Wales. I have lost track. Are the Devils able to sell full allocation or is it reduced seating / social distancing
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    2021/22 Roster - Rumours/Predictions

    Who's overspent this time round..?
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    2021/22 Roster - Rumours/Predictions

    Don't think he has been confirmed yet. What would he be getting to be classed as a big money signing? As I have no idea what the current wage would be for players in this league, curious to know how this prospect would compare with the other signings around the league?
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    2021/22 Roster - Rumours/Predictions

    "I only meant that you make 20 Players work within the agreed Salary Cap - Who said anything about going over the Cap? Might have misread. What was typed was work around, not within the agreed Salary Cap
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    2021/22 Roster - Rumours/Predictions

    Earnie said: I agree. Having a salary cap and carrying a spare doesn’t add up. "But if you can work around the salary cap to sign 20 players (especially to give you 4 Line Hockey in the CHL) then it does make sense!" Is this not the very issue that has caused so much teeth-gnashing in the...
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    CHL 2021/22

    Just tongue in cheek;).. Someone had to say it.. Seeing as the Devils will RIP the league apart and you have the best netminding duo. I'm just jealous.!
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    CHL 2021/22

    Shall I say it !!!! WHO CAN STOP THE DEVILS :eek:
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    Signings for 2021/22 season

    Utter tripe..... Every year this goes around and makes people look utterly foolish. Why cant they be real and say something along the lines of: "I imagine that the opposition are getting worried given the quality of signing so far and that we have still the majority of the forwards to announce."
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    Increased activity outside IAW …..

    The TV presenter, Andrew Marr, is a good case in point demonstrating what we're currently seeing - he was vaccinated twice and still tested positive, with symptoms like “a summer cold” as he put it. Not pleasant I’m sure, but no different to what most of us have to go through every year with...
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    My interpretation of Owners Statement

    :D:D That really made me laugh.... Very witty
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    Gleason Fournier Leaves The Devils

    Giants confirm players not stopped from seeking other opportunities elsewhere. "Due to the constantly evolving situation, we informed our players very early during this pandemic that we were not going to hold them back from finding other opportunities and we have been keeping them updated with...
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    Upcoming season thoughts

    It's happening. You were right. UK now over 1000 cases in a single day since June.. Numbskulls out and about not giving a crap about others have now started the ball rolling again.. No point in going into ANOTHER Lockdown. Some will always have the attitude"screw you" Guess we wait for the...