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    CHL draw

    I didn’t think competing in the CHL was actually profitable, unless you progress past the group stages. Thought it was all about the prestige
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    Random question on old Trophies

    Apparently the snow the zamboni dumps satisfies the European funding stipulation!!!
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    EIHL/NIHL Cup competition?

    I think this horse you are flogging died many years ago Kev!!! And comparing the Frolunda chl situation to that of what ours would be in this new competition is miles apart, never mind, say that of Dundee
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    All stars

    Motte is surely 1st team Nettie?
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    EIHL 10 team event

    I apologised for being personal to be civil. Waxing lyrical, google can be your best friend. So you can think this weekend could be awesome for some. You’ve made a lot of fuss for something you think is a good idea, just not for you. Get your refund, it’s there on offer. More than youre getting...
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    EIHL 10 team event

    This weekend is not worth the money to you, and you’ll be getting a refund why have you got a problem with it. You only needed to make one post to make that point but it seems some people just wanna knock the league
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    Coronavirus numbers

    Wow Rich, my heart goes out to you, and the many others in your position. Hopefully better times will be ahead for you
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    EIHL 10 team event

    Wannabe2, your responses and attitude to this quite surprises me. You are forever waxing lyrical about hockey being the worlds greatest game and so on. Totally over the top gushing praise on the Devils and the game. I also know through reading your posts that you regularly buy other teams...
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    steelers Vs Devils - 8 Mar 20 - Challenge Cup Final Spectacular

    With regards to the penalty shot, I think the fact that Connolly was prevented from getting a shot off was the deciding factor, although some may be of the opinion that wasn’t the case I’m sure. I agree with the poster that said Ritchie’s pass wasn’t a bad one and was not far off being in...
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    Blaze Vs Devils - 23 Feb 20 - League

    Go to elite league site and look for tick/webcast tab and they are all listed there
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    Devils Vs Flyers - 19 02 20 - League

    No webcast as it’s on Freesports
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    Guildford Flames v Cardiff Devils - 16/02/20 - League

    With the same caveat, I was thinking that it must be close not half hour ago!! Hell of a stat
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    EIHL Last Man Standing - v2.0 - Current champion - *Wannabe2*

    Great feeling to be dumped out by Dundee tonight. They were my downfall last time too!!!