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    Devils Vs Panthers - 22 Jan 20 - CC Semi Final

    Don’t really like to single players out as it’s a team game after all, however as poorly as we had been playing tonight had we had Carr (Duba or Owen) in our net we would have won. Bowns’ head is clearly not in it this last few weeks as he’s been losing his near post and getting beaten short...
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    Sointu moves on

    Has signed with Dornbirner in EBEL. The poorest team in that league by some way but a good league nonetheless. A quality player for us and easily good enough to make a difference for them!
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    Devils v Flames - 28 Dec 19 - League

    Ordinarily, I would probably agree with Jimmy but not on this occasion simply because of the nature of the hit and who it was made on. Joey Martin is almost universally regarded as the marquee forward in our league since he arrived here 5 years ago. In other words he’s our “Gretzky” and you...
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    Devils v Flames - 28 Dec 19 - League

    Great fight back and a good 2 points, but at what cost? Baldwin should have been made to answer for that kneeing on Martin. Louis tried to make him fight (twice) , even Pope tried to get him to drop the gloves but Baldwin clearly didn’t want to know. I gotta say I’m really disappointed in our...
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    Best Devils Fighter...?

    Mike MacWilliam, without any doubt. Ask Corey Beaulieu, he got absolutely battered senseless when Mac introduced himself to the league at the tin outhouse! He also seemed to have an intense disliking of Matt Hoffman who he never missed an opportunity to beat up! At a time when the league was...
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    Devils Vs Giants - 18 Dec 19 - CC 1/4 final

    You’re absolutely correct that some of the opinions on here were VERY negative and vitriolic but I tend to take some posters views with a pinch of salt. There are also a number of posters who won’t hear any criticism whatsoever it seems, however measured or constructive it may be. These two...
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    Devils Vs Giants - 18 Dec 19 - CC 1/4 final

    Jeez, at NO POINT, did august04 say that change happened “because of” comments on this forum. They’re YOUR words not his or anyone else’s as far as I’m aware. Even Lordo in his post game interview last night said that the Devils are a different proposition now to what they were 2 months ago...
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    Steelers revolving door ....

    Kuukka was a short term injury cover signing, straight out of Liiga. Sheffield wanted him to stay but he left to pursue his career at a higher level after his contract had expired. (Notice any similarities with a certain 67) As for not being good for player recruitment they’ve replaced him...
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    Devils vs Clan - 01 Dec 19 - League

    Great 4 point weekend for the Devils. It doesn’t erase the performances in the two losses last weekend but it does draw a line under them so we can hopefully get back to dominating teams both in performance and on the scoreboard. Now let’s make it really count by this being the start of a long...
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    Steelers vs Devils - 30 Nov 19 - League

    Just like last weekend’s results silenced the happy clappers!........
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    Devils v Steelers

    Make or break tonight. The last couple of seasons we’ve dominated Sheffield by jumping on them from the first shift and keeping our foot on their collective throats! Getting a good lead in the first period and never letting up! We’ll find out more about this team in the next 4 hrs than we have...
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    Devils v Steelers

    Beats the hell out of me why people want a close game tonight. I want us to play some great, fast, hard nosed hockey and give them a pasting! I’ll never get tired of sticking 7 on them!!,
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    Devils v Blaze - Challenge Cup 30/10

    Regardless of tonight’s result, we concede goals too easily and far too often. We’re back in it now but can we shut the back door and keep it shut?
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    Devils v Blaze - Challenge Cup 30/10

    Haddad has probably been the standout player so far.
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    Devils v Blaze - Challenge Cup 30/10

    Last player gassed could’ve been Andrew Conboy! …Remember him? We’ve conceded 40 odd goals this month alone! Unfortunately we’re not a team, just a collection of individuals.