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    Devils Antibullying Videos

    I am shocked and dismayed that such things should happen to our players! I don't do social media of any kind which has to be a good thing. Can not the originators of such messages be named and shamed and prevented from watching ice hockey games at IAW?
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    Devils Vs Giants - 11 Nov - League

    Well that was wishful thinking!
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    Devils Vs Giants - 11 Nov - League

    If Pope has a scorcher, we can win this one!
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    Evan Mosey Signs

    Lightning quick - the signing or the player? (haha) I have a feeling there will be another signing also.
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    Devils Vs Blaze - 3 Nov - League

    Blaze knocking on our door!
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    Panthers vs Devils - 4 Nov - League

    Apologise that previous post re Murdy was wrong. Took it off Elite summary page?
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    Devils Vs Blaze - 3 Nov - League

    Officiating tonight certainly was'what it is'. It was a disgraceful display by Rose and Darnell. Frustration cost us. Even Lord will have trouble keeping a civil tongue as to how this game was conducted.
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    Giants v Devils Sunday Nov.11

    This will be a huge game! Bet they will use last season Challenge Cup Final tactics , namely crash bang wallop and in general try to intimidate us big time . Lord always does his homework and will be wise to it. (Those hungry for atmosphere will not be disappointed)
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    Last player!

    I am sure that should we pick up an injury later on that Lordo and owners will do what they have to do. Meanwhile let's not rock the boat.
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    Teams penalty minutes

    Manchester penalty stats just got worse - see DOPS.
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    Giants !

    If I got it right, they only had 14 skaters last night in Nottingham so they are a team with heart! Their visit to Cardiff in November deserves to be a sellout.
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    Lack of atmosphere

    Surely atmosphere at the Arena is a two way thing. The fans feed off the player action and then the players feed off the fan reaction and encouragement. Sometimes it just doesn't happen. So be it- that's sport.
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    Could this come processional

    Could this become Processional ? - don't think so.
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    Rumour Ben O’Connor leaving Swedish team

    Some of the other teams might be a bit miffed about some of this content - such as Fife, Belfast, Nottingham. Sheffield are having a downer this season but they will come back and be competitive. As you say CHL was fantastic. Keep it going I say.