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    Cardiff Devils Flashbacks

    Here you go....
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    Cardiff Devils Flashbacks

    Last Flashbacks of the off season, Episode 3 of the first series of BBC Face Off and a Flashback of Jon Cullen from 2004/5
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    Heather Prew

    Very sad news my tribute to Heather.....
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    Cardiff Devils Flashbacks

    Face Off episode two now posted
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    Images of Cardiff Devils book

    It's now available in Queens Street Cardiff, The Works book store from & only £3! Fantastic book on the history of the club up until 2001 for anyone who's interested. From the Author The story of Cardiff Devils is one of the most remarkable in British sport. In compiling this unique...
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    2018/2019 will be best year yet

    Been meaning to re read this book for a while but just got around to scanning it to a PDF to read on the fly via my phone/tablet. It’s the 1998 book; A Game of Three Halves: British Ice Hockey's Changing World by Liam Sluyter. Excellent book, giving an insight into ISL hockey behind the scenes...
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    Cardiff Devils Flashbacks

    Final set of Flashbacks this summer Dennis Maxwell, Jon Pelle ....and a 2005 Elite league clash against the Giants. Enjoy!
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    Cardiff Devils Flashbacks

    June's Flashbacks... BNL game from 2002 v Vipers, Tyson Teplitsky and Mark Smith (F)
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    Cardiff Devils Flashbacks

    The first of my summer series of 2018 Flashbacks..... Three videos, the 1999 Play Off semi against the Storm, Steve Cadieux and the BBT. Enjoy!
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    Brilliant Paul
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    Saltbox afterparty vids?

    Here 's a couple of videos I took in a special Justin Faryna Devils Flashback!!!....
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    Playoff Finals Weekend TV Coverage

    The greatest show.........
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    Cardiff Devils Flashback

    My final Flashbacks for the summer come from 1992 v Panthers 2008 - v Steelers My all time favorite Devil, Ivan Matulik ....and I've put a promo for this season on my site as well.
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    Cardiff Devils Flashback

    June's Flashbacks.... Devils v Newcastle Vipers 251109 Devils v Humberside Seahawks 171191 Devils v Fife Flyers 120190
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    Cardiff Devils Flashback

    Time for a new season of Flashbacks. Nine knew videos of the way we were.... This month.... Devils v Panthers 2011 Devils v Stars 2003 Paul Bissonette Enjoy!!