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    Stars v Devils

    Goals: And no, we are most definitely not the Coventry Blaze. Thanks EIHL...
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    Flyers v Devils

    Dundee Stars link: You have to register / sign in before they reveal the price. £15 ! No chance, that'll pay for my ticket when I go up in December. Now I think about it, the money I'll save by not buying overpriced away webcasts this season would probably pay for...
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    Devils v Flames - Challenge Cup 26/10

    Looking at NJ's form at the moment, now would be the ideal time to play them ;-) We'd still get hammered like...
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    Devils vs Stars - 10 Oct 19 - League

    Let's be honest, a league game 48 hours after a round trip to Sweden playing the best team in Europe in their own arena probably wasn't the greatest bit of planning in the world. The team looked very tired last night - hardly surprising IMO. Amazed that we got the win TBH, when Dundee got...
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    Premier Sports Offer

    Looks like the £49 deal is back on.
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    Devils vs Clan - 21 Sept 19 - League

    13 minutes gone and Clan are 3-0 up against Steelers. Agreed we were poor last night but maybe they're finding a bit of form ?
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    Flames vs Devils - 19 Sept 19 - CC

    Tonight's goals:
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    Flames vs Devils - 19 Sept 19 - CC

    I stand corrected. Linglet makes it 3-2 :)
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    Flames vs Devils - 19 Sept 19 - CC

    Anyone else constantly refreshing the Twitter page ? It's like being back in the dark ages glued to Teletext on a Saturday afternoon. Meanwhile the Flames take a 3-1 lead :(
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    Champions league away games?

    Update: Our game is live on Freesports at 4.55pm. The Belfast game will be shown later at 10pm. Thank you Freesports !!!!! .
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    Devils vs Graz 99ers - 1 Sept 19 - CHL

    I already have a good one, I just hope I can sneak out early from work. 5pm face off ? What idiot came up with that one ?
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    Champions league away games?

    Aaron Murphy announced during tonight's game that our match on Thursday overlaps with Belfast's (5pm start for us and 6.45pm start for them) so the powers that be at FreeSports will decide which is shown live and which is delayed. So there will be CHL on FreeSports this Thursday after all...
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    Devils vs Graz 99ers - 1 Sept 19 - CHL

    Anyone fancy sending a petition to Free Sports ? It appears they are showing Swedish Speedway on Thursday while our game is on. Although that hopefully means the YouTube stream will be unencrypted. Every cloud... Oh and while I'm here... What a...
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    Steelers webcast

    A tenner is more than enough IMO. I buy an away webcast most weeks but price increases like these put me right off doing it. Looks like there are regular early face offs in the NHL at weekends so that's my hockey fix sorted. I just need to keep one eye on Twitter instead...
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    Steelers webcast

    The Giants are doing a webcast for a tenner tonight - watch that instead !