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    Webcast a go-er.

    Seems to be the going rate of webcasts in the league these days, unfortunately. My cut-off price is £10, perhaps £12 if it was a game I really didn't want to miss. This meant the last season we played I watched the least amount of away games for quite a few years (probably bought 1 or 2 instead...
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    Devils Vs Giants - 19+20 Jan 19 - League

    Can not wait for this. Remember guys it's a 4pm face off Sunday not 6.
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    4pm Faceoff ...

    Who are you to call someone pathetic for giving their opinion? I too wouldn't buy a ST if I couldn't make games on the weekend. What's pathetic with that?
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    Early face off times

    I just found the response from the Devil's from before the 15/16 season when 4pm FOs were first proposed. “We did speak to a lot of fans throughout the season about the potential of changing face off times, but clearly the decision has had...
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    Early face off times

    Im going to seriously struggle to make any 4pm games and am considering cancelling my ST DD and trying to claim back the money I've already spent on next season. This should have been explained before the ST's were sold. It's not fair to move the posts after people have committed. I could...
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    Monday night

    I can unfortunately no longer make the event on Monday and have 2 tickets I can give to someone. I will send the tickets to the first person to pm on me with their email address.
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    Feedback to Greenbank

    Will the minutes from these fan counci/Devils/IAW meetings likely be made available? Would be interested in reading what has been mentioned,
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    Week 1 Prediction League - september 3rd and 7th

    Saturday Nottingham panthers v Cardiff devils 6-4 Belfast giants v Sheffield steelers 3-2 Wednesday Nottingham panthers v Coventry blaze 4-2
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    Steelers v Devils - 12/01 - 7:30pm - League - Chat/Updates

    What is the link for steeltalk, ive been using for like 2 weeks now, but i wont work since yesturday??
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    Live Game on Sky - Panthers v Giants (7 Jan 2011)

    For those without sky tv, that would still like to watch the game try, doesn't always work however it is at the minute.
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    Devils v Stars - 10/10 - 6:00pm - League - Chat/Updates...

    Can anyone clarify what a 'clipping' penalty is, if I heard correctly that's what was called in the third period?
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    Entrance Music

    what about, always thought this would make a good warmup track rather than intro, as the lyrics indicate what we hope to do the the opponents. Plus the video contains JCVD and Goldberg the wrestler. Also does the singer not look a little bit like...
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    Devils v Vipers - Wednesday FO 7:30 - MNL

    An excellent performance tonight. Looks like they have really been practicing the special teams with 4 PPG and 2 SHG, also some lovely passes to take us onto the offence. Now we just need to take tonights performance into the next few games and give the Caps, Panthers and Steelers a run for...
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    08/09 Goals / Fights DVDs ?

    am i too late for a copy? if not please can you put me down for 1.
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    Cardiff Devils v Sheffield Steelers - 04/04 - 1pm - S/F

    where is the live commentry located? im on the bbc radio sheffield link on i-player, but all there on about is football. Any other links?