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    The future of the Elite League and its teams

    This league can't run on matches behind closed doors, or even reduced attendance. As someone said above, probably not enough room for all season tickets with us. Will be the same for Sheffield as they would surely have to play their games at Ice Sheffield. Belfast might be ok as they're always...
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    20/21 Squad

    Absolutley, but would hope that if this is the case that the league announces it in good time. Many clubs dont have the resources or flexibility to survive the uncertainty and what ifs.
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    20/21 Squad

    So why did you mention the AHL? Steve said "Other leagues have looked for every possible way to declare a champion. Our league has gone the other way." You replied "not this one" But the AHL literally yesterday announced the Milwaukee Admirals as champions.
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    20/21 Squad

    Northern Ireland government have said competitive sports will "hopefully" be back by December. Starting to think there might be no point for any type of 2020-2021 season. Can't see how it can be viable for a league like ours.
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    20/21 Squad "The AHL’s standings – sorted by points percentage – and statistics as of March 12, 2020, are considered final and official, and will serve as the basis for determining league awards for the 2019-20 season." Bad example Claret. If we were to...
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    20/21 Squad

    Chris Culligan head coach. Joey Haddad assistant player coach.
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    Standing Area

    Maybe for the next game Todd could organise the players are divided equally between each block, and they can all do a personal wave to everyone in the block. Maybe a voting system should be set up so the fans can have their favourite player in front of their block. All waves will be 25 seconds...
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    Standing Area

    Exactly, grown adults moaning they didn't get a little wave from players. Couldn't make it up.
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    Devils vs Stars - 10 Oct 19 - League

    Well to be fair, you've been saying the same things around this time of year for the last 5 seasons, and those seasons turned out to be alright.
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    Standing Area

    Not the best view no, but there's nowhere else to put it. Can't put it in 3/4/5/6 and turf all the STs out. I can't think of any standing area at any sports stadium that has a good view. That's not the point of them. Another option would be to move the away block to the adjacent corner, block...
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    Devils vs Graz 99ers - 1 Sept 19 - CHL

    Don't really want to pick out individual players after such a fantastic team performance, but just a quick mention to Sam Jardine. He looked full of confidence, and was superb at both ends of the ice. Really looking forward to see how his development over the season.
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    Belfast v ausburger

    Definitely the right call on the high stick. Big part of the CHL fun for me is the opposition fans. All this nonsense online about Belfast and Cardiff fans noise levels and attendance, the truth is neither team comes close to European fans. I would like nothing more than a home arena with a...
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    Devils vs Mountfield HK - 30 Aug 19 - CHL

    First period I was worried that missing Joey really stopped our offence and we didnt look like scoring. Second though was superb and Micky Mac stood up to the plate massively. As has been said, to win against that opposition while not playing our best shows how good we are/can be. That first...
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    Devils vs Mountfield HK - 30 Aug 19 - CHL

    Dean Smith and a German DEL referee officiating this game.
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2019/20

    Is that why you tweeted him saying he should be on a 2 week notice Brian?