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    Devils vs Mountfield HK - 30 Aug 19 - CHL

    The offside with Linglet's GWG is a difficult one, before the puck was passed to linglet on their blue line there appeared to be some sort of altercation at the benches, it was during this that Lordo was gesticulating and basically yelling to get the puck to Linglet. I do wonder if the players...
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    Great memories of "that" Bownsy wave, my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.
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    Devils vs MAC Újbuda - 25 Aug 19 - Preseason

    A lack lustre performance from the officials tonight...
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    Steelers webcast

    I'd rather a free radio broadcast than pay more than a fiver. Even better would be to be able to have Match Night Live return - that's one very valuable service to fans and families alike, and very much missed.
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    TAZ 2.0

    When I saw “it” yesterday I thought we had a red chicken.....the Comb on the head ....and as for the tail. Looks like it has got too excited! Better to have retired taz and create a new character than to make a target for ridicule .
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    Devils Vs Steelers - 3 Mar 19 - League

    There is a swimming gala on, the pool car park is very full. Be prepared.
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    Belfast in CHL

    The paragraph about "the island of ireland" could be seen as a reference to "brexit" after all NI will have access to EU countries even if the rest of us don't thanks to the good friday agreement. Either way it is definitely good for UK hockey to have 2 teams in the competition - as long as...
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    POFW tickets 10am THIS sunday? - Poll

    Sheffield and Nottingham have the largest allocation because of their proximity to the arena - but by filling their allocation first, the arena make it difficult to jiggle the other teams allocations in the case of a lesser team performing well during the season. One answer that the board...
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    Devils Vs Storm - 05 Jan 19 - League

    Swimming gala on at the pool, car parking is a nightmare!!!
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    Like a library

    That was (our now retired lino) Sam Motton when he was much younger!
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    Craig Moore departs

    I'm absolutely gutted, Craig seemed a perfect fit for the devils, and after having to sit out injured last year I felt sure he would shine this year. He (like most of the team) had a great CHL campaign. I presumed, as with some of the other guys on reduced shifts or games that he had been...
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    Scott Matzka has sadly passed

    Sad news, a great guy and a Devil to the end.
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    Lack of atmosphere

    I find watching players who can skate, stick handle and who generally have good game vision far more exciting than games in which you may see a few hits thrown but players lose puck possession and struggle to dominate on the bigger ice. A physical game suited the smaller ice pads of the WNIR...
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    Devils Vs Flames - Sat 27 Oct - CC

    A good Guildford team who took advantage of a very poorly playing devils team. When we decided we could play we left it too late to really matter, thankfully only a CC group game but a worrying result all the same.
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    4pm Faceoff ...

    like when sky covered the ISL...let alone moving seating to get the best camera angles.