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    Money generator for the club .....

    I should have read on as this has already been mentioned lol. Still think it's a good idea mind.
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    Money generator for the club .....

    Think your maths maybe a little out on this one. £10 per ticket would generate 10k if 1000 tickets were sold, less the £400 would bring in £9600. Or did you mean £1 per ticket? Its a pretty good idea to be fair and I was thinking this myself when I entered the last Raffall. Plus if someone was...
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    Andre payette

    Great guy with heart of a lion. Always dedicated team member. I really hope someone can help him get back to Canada with his family or have some form of support at least whilst he is here.
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    Benti retires

    I see that Linden Springer from Glasgow has also retired aged 25? Doesn't mention any injuries etc so I am guessing that he simply wishes to pursue other avenues. Best of luck to all retirees that have played in our league. Wish them all well.
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    Steelers in the .....

    Steve, That is a really good and positive write up and considering all the negative news in general at the moment I for one am proud to read something like this. Please don't think that anyone down here is in anyway let down by the team this year. I think the majority of what could be...
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    Youth Olympics and Brent Pope

    I understand some peoples frustration towards him but surely any positive publicity and upcoming youth players for the Devils is always good!
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    Youth Olympics and Brent Pope

    Some tidy young players in this tournament. Currently the Slovakia vs Sweden women's game on red button and Brent Pope appears to be providing some of the commentary. Wonder if he speaks to any of the youths about study and play time at the Devils organisation. Would be good for future...
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    Frölunda vs Devils - 8 Oct 19 - CHL

    Superb break down of goals and very much appreciated!
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    Frölunda vs Devils - 8 Oct 19 - CHL

    Many Thanks....shame but at least we can see they can be scored against. Let's just all hope the Lord shines on us at the home game lol
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    Frölunda vs Devils - 8 Oct 19 - CHL

    Can someone please update me with the final score?
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    Belfast @ Augsburg

    Actually a lot of England, Scotland and Ireland supporters cheered our footy lads on in the euros when we went further and also in the Rugby World Cup last time around so I don't see much of an argument there! Granted not all fans but in general we all tend to support British teams success over...
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    Belfast @ Augsburg

    So are you saying we shouldn't be in it after finishing second? Not having a dig, just interested?
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    How important is the CHL

    Just to chip in.... It does also mean that childhood dreams are realised. Gone on those days where you spend the whole summer creating the Devils home and away kit and poor looking characters half resembling the players. Not to mention the meticulous and tedious task of entering each of their...
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    Steelers webcast

    I think it maybe a case of encouraging fans to the rink for the pre-season games so that they sell out. The Devils were pretty empty on some of our games and they didn't reduce their ticket prices to £5 as someone has stated the steelers have. Maybe they have temporarily increased the link...
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    Confirmed Signings (& some departures) - All Teams 2019/2020

    Didn't realise they signed Pellech...Ouch! Think he will also surprise a lot of people.