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    Calgary stampede summit

    I’m very very happy with the announcements personally. Can’t wait for the new season now
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    Jerseys for sale

    Yes it’s still available
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    Mac Carruth’s Helmet

    was £2 a ticket
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    Jerseys for sale

    Price drop to £150 on both
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    Jerseys for sale

    Looking to sell a couple of jerseys I have, A game worn Josh lammon from this season home jersey signed by him, looking for £150 A game worn bentivoligo jersey from Richardson’s testimonial I have both the jersey he wore and one he was meant to wear due to delays in the kit arriving. The jerseys...
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    Game Worn Jerseys

    I’ve got a game worn lammon home and signed if interested
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    Looking for

    I wish I knew that yesterday haha, if that becomes available let me know. Thanks
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    Stick signed by team wanted

    Sent you the link in messages
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    Stick signed by team wanted

    I know there’s one for sale on eBay, I can get you the link if you want to see? It’s not mine btw
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    Looking for

    I’m interested in this any info greatly appreciated
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    Jerseys for Sale

    Messaged about the GB jersey if still available
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    Grey game worn Mac Carruth jersey for sale

    I’m interested if you could send some photos my way please, thank you
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    WANTED Dixon game worn Jersey

    I have pride 2019 jersey of his I may sell
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    Josh lammon game worn this season

    Looking to sell my Josh lammon game worn home jersey from this season, looking for £180 not looking to make a profit on it just looking to move it on, thanks if you need pictures I’m more than happy to post them but I can’t as they are too big to upload at the min
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    Any game worns for sale?

    Looking for £180 mate I payed that so not looking to make a profit