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    DEL Coaches

    no doubt he will sign all the dead wood that departed steelers this season...
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    Steelers Vs Devils - 23 Jan 19

    Nervous bout this one... Moose may be back
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    4 on the road

    What are fans thoughts on next 4 away games, looking at fixtures i will go for 6 points as nottingham got our number at their barn....
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    Devils Vs Giants - 19+20 Jan 19 - League

    A.big well done to Paul Sullivan on getting the crowd well pumped up before the gave the players an extra man with that noise level.
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    Devils Vs Giants - 19+20 Jan 19 - League

    Fantastic game between the 2 top teams in the league..had it all 100mph end to end they kept that pace up all game is a credit to both teams.. and a credit to the officials who called a great game.. apart from the late hit call on mosey which another poster stated 2+10 should've been...
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    Devils Vs Giants - 19+20 Jan 19 - League

    He was up on the gantry with Joey haddad..
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    Food and drink not aloud?

    Good riddance...JOG ON...
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    Food and drink not aloud?

    Are sweets allowed, if not i will put them in my clarks pie....
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    Will see you there...and will see you in March...we will be celebrating I'm sure of that....
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    Very confident Mr. king glad to hear that.. Are you heading over to these shores anytime soon?
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    We need to sort a contract out for lordo before nottingham come sniffing with their blank cheque in the summer, come on owners do the right thing....
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    Panthers Gas

    All because joey scored in OT..
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    Giants !

    flying from bristol on thurs 21st back monday 25th £53.00 return that was booked a few months ago..
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    Steelers sack 3

    reckon the club got money probs, be surprised if steelers get any players in and just play the season out, at the start of the season sure they had 3 or 4 games at 5.00 entry a big loss in revenue for better players. ben oconnor will be gone in the summer along with other brits...they deserve...