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    Carruth on Two Ales Podcast

    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while!
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    5 coaches needed

    After listening to 4000 & Counting I thought DuPont was going to get a shot as Head Coach next year, but after listening to him and Franny on 2ales&Hockey tales it sounds like that is less likely. It seems to be a lot less "Well, we'll see what happens" "I've gotta have a meeting" etc. One...
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    Carruth on Two Ales Podcast

    The injury Ben sustained at Gratz was unfortunately "One of those things". I'm sure the replay is still on youtube, effectively two or three players all fell on Ben and he was also on one of his posts. The only part of him with any option for 'relief' was his knee and in his own words something...
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    Carruth on Two Ales Podcast

    I have no inside information, but from the way I heard/listened/processed Mac on the pod it sounded like he was keen to stay for a long time, but a decision was made for the team to take another direction. Which I instantly assumed means that they are 'getting the band back together' and Bownsy...
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    Devils and coach part ways

    We couldn't afford Piggsy! Those pharmaceutical companies pay VERY well. (For the record I know you are joking)
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    Devils and coach part ways

    As I said on twitter, I just hope that he hasn't had to leave with such strange timing for a non-hockey/family reason. We know he has a family and in my opinion he always seemed extremely committed to the job and the organisation so for this to happen less than 24hrs before a sold out home game...
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    Devils and coach part ways

    Another point on appointing Pacha is that he is effectively Coach and everything else in Dundee. Why would he take the job here when we 'only' need a coach. I agree that it's not the right fit.
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    Ticket spot checks at the arena

    It was either Sheffield or Nottingham, I'm leaning towards Nottingham. They still had a huge % of student tickets sold and all the surrounding Universities were empty (Easter Holidays if my memory serves me correctly) so they checked people entering the venue and effectively next to none of the...
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    Brandt on Wally's podcast

    In your defence Riley himself said he couldn't remember how many surgeries he'd had and also said that the jobs not done yet. He's trying to sort dentures?! The part which I found most interesting for the future is his U-Sports stats are really good (particularly considering where he was...
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    Giants Vs Devils - Challenge Cup Final - 16th March 22

    I don't want to sound like 'the voice of reason' or a Happy-Clapper, but Skalde absolutely knows what he's doing and there are some serial winners on our roster. Couple this to the fact that we are the away side and the result is all that matters [I.E.We're not there to entertain], I can see us...
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    Devils Vs Flyers - League - 28th Jan 22 - Homecoming Spectacular

    Strange one and feel free to delete this post if I'm breaking any rules, but every Facebook message the Devils put out about a game gets commented on with a link to "4k Sports Live Stream". Would I be right in thinking this is some dodgy advert-tastic scam or has anyone used it to watch the games?
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    Devils Vs Storm - League- 5th & 8th Jan 22 - Rearrangement Spectacular

    Does anyone know why the pretenders in Orange are still top of the standings? We have more Regulation Wins, which I'm sure was used as a tie-breaker for one of the heartbreaking league title losses?!
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    Simmsey stirring the pot ! On 2 ales and hockey tales

    It's 100% accurate. But that season in general, Pope and Ragan have become the "we don't talk about it" of The Cardiff Devils. It's been skimmed over by 2ales and hockey tales (on previous episodes) and I don't think it's ever been mentioned on Behind the Bench with Franny other than obviously...
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    Simmsey stirring the pot ! On 2 ales and hockey tales

    "Brent Pope, Weirdest guy you could ever wish to meet. He screwed it up for most people in Cardiff that year" 44mins 30 seconds in.
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    Simmsey stirring the pot ! On 2 ales and hockey tales

    I thought it was a great listen to be honest. Like or Loathe Simmsey he's a hell of a story teller (in my opinion) and he is feverishly loyal to his club which I can only commend him for. Regarding the stirring with the Netminders as has been pointed out above: a) There was no benefit of any...