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    Devils Vs Giants - 11 Nov - League

    But who are you going to engage and debate with if everyone take the same line as you that everything will be fine in the end, every single game thread would be 2 posts long, "we lost" "yeah dont worry everything will be fine" or " we won" "yep everything will be fine" Not much to engage or...
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    Devils Vs Giants - 11 Nov - League

    Thing is doesnt that defeat the object of a forum, to sit back and just say have faith, everything will be fine, well why not just shut the forum down until the final buzzer of the playoffs when everything is done and dusted, I've never understood the issue with people venting their thoughts on...
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    MKL Vs Devils - 10 Nov - League

    Grinding out a win even if it is against the bottom team could give us a boost going into tonight
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    Devils Vs Flyers - 7 Nov - League

    This team is in serious need of a boost, played like a team in a bit of a slump, completely flat tonight, wonder if the CHL has anything to do with it, now that it's over some players have switched off and Lord need to find a way to switch them back on
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    Panthers vs Devils - 4 Nov - League

    It's a strange incident to watch but I would agree that it's just a normal positioning play which has had an unfortunate outcome for the Nottingham player, i don't see why Blood would deserve any kind of ban for riding the contact which the Nottingham player didn't, I don't think there would be...
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    Devils Vs Blaze - 3 Nov - League

    I thought it was a good competitive game to watch, good to see the blaze bringing it to us but slightly worrying that the last 2 home games the team were playing have challenged us and we've been beaten and fairly convincingly too, hope this is a realisation for some players that they need to...
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    Lack of atmosphere

    I put this on another thread last week but I think people have rosey memories about the bbt sometimes, games against Sheffield, Nottingham Belfast and Coventry were generally pretty good games so the game fed the crowd but the games against Edinburgh, hull, Newcastle, etc were pretty garbage and...
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    Blaze Vs Devils - Sun 28 Oct - CC

    Good win after last nights game and doing it 3 imports and our no.1 goalie down too
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    Devils Vs Flames - Sat 27 Oct - CC

    I was quite pleased to see us put under pressure for a change, it's just a shame we crumbled, fair play to the flames, they played us off the ice and seemed to know our game plan better than we did, at least we've managed get this one out of the way in a cup game that didn't really matter to us
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    Devils Vs Flyers - Sun 21 Oct - League

    Just to add as well I know Fife played last night and had a long travel day but I was expecting much more from them than they showed, I actually had a few nerves before the game but we just blew them away and they had no answer, it'll be interesting to see what happens when we play them up there
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    Devils Vs Flyers - Sun 21 Oct - League

    2 real step ups in performance this weekend, I know the steelers ar poor at the moment but we looked like we finally went up to 3rd gear this weekend and neither the steelers or Fife could hope to live with us, I've not been sure what to make of Linglet yet but this weekend he was absolutely...
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    4pm Faceoff ...

    Huge chuck a puck prize to boost tickets sales too. Trip to Disneyland Paris, sell out Saturday night against the steelers or 4pm Sunday against Fife hmmmmm???
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    Devils v Stars - Sat 13 Oct - League

    Found it pretty dire tonight until part way through the 2nd when the Devils did a bit of line swapping and seemed to go up a gear. Thought Dundee scrapped well but once we went up a notch they couldn't quite stay with us, I still think we are playing within ourselves at the moment and some of...
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    Steelers new Coach

    If they can bring in a guy with that kind of background at such short notice it makes you wonder why they even bothered with Thompson at all, or is this a "splash the the cash, fix it now" signing
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    Devils Vs Storm - Sat 6 Oct - League

    A naff scrappy game that didn't really get going but that's another 2 points in the bag, i actually thought the Devils looked tired possibly from the trip to Dundee in the week which doesn't bode well for going to Vaxjo but these CHL games don't really mean anything now