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    Giants Vs Devils - Play-Off Final - 1st May 2022

    Richie definitely sought out Mikkelson
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    Devils Vs Stars - CC 1/4 Final 2nd Leg - 19th Jan 22

    This has been electric after a scrappy first 7 minutes!!
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    Giants Vs Devils - League - 14th Jan 22

    Surely if it’s a marginal call, which let’s face it, it clearly is (completely interpretational at best). Then they should revert back to the on ice decision, which was conclusively a goal by both official. Seems hockey is falling into the trap of VAR in football, where officials are actively...
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    Giants Vs Devils - League - 14th Jan 22

    How had Boucher stayed out of the box there?!?!
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    Devils Vs steelers - League - 18th Dec 21

    Not at the game tonight but a big win, hopefully a catalyst for the team to kick on (regulations dependant!) Nice to see Davies & Lammon picking up some important goals too!
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    Devils Vs steelers - League - 4th Dec 21

    I thought Hogarth was an absolute abomination tonight. Crandall, Sanford, Dixon and Batch had strong games tonight for me - but we seem to be carry a few too many players at the minute. Agree with the points around looking toothless 5v5 - we look like a different team with more space on the ice.
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    steelers Vs Devils - League - 14th Nov 21

    Ooooft - what a start!
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    Devils Vs Blaze - CC - 6th Nov 21

    I thought Kozun looked good again tonight too - some lovely stretch passes out