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  1. Ffil06
    Ffil06 ukavsfan
    Hi ukavsfan, I am currently following your advice re the bus from Prauge to Liberic. can you help? the site as yet isnt taking bookings
    for 26th Aug. I have come across another web site Is this the same company as it displays both the Student agency
    & Regio jet logos. this site has a different booking page to the you quoted.
    just want to get it right.
  2. matbur
    matbur Chris
    Hi Chris, do you run the Inferno site? If so, do you have a contact email?
  3. aplzart
    aplzart Nitra
    hey, im looking at getting a few goalie jerseys and your lyle one is one im really keen on, would you possibly take £50 for it? and what colour is the Osaer one?
  4. Nathan.t
    Nathan.t bordotom
    Hi mate Could I possibly have these tickets ?
  5. Nathan.t
    Nathan.t Dan_1632
    Hi mate if this is still up for sale I'm willing to give you £40
  6. Donna2009
    Donna2009 10paddy10
    hi yes we are still looking for ticket for the final
  7. Josh Williamson
    Josh Williamson
  8. Ffil06
  9. Ffil06
    Ffil06 matbur
    I have an apology to make to you. I recently posted comments at you under the impression
    you were someone else called Mat.
    Again sorry.
    1. matbur
      Hi mate, no problem at all. Appreciate the message though. All good
      Jan 24, 2017
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  10. Drawn_to_ice_hockey
    I will battle space aliens to become the universe's best spoons player.
  11. WolfGirl
    Classy until the puck drops
  12. bozman
    bozman Chris
    hi chris are there new passwords to log into the e-mails as I am hosting friday
  13. Vigs883
    Cardiff, SW.
  14. DevilDom
    Honesty is better than sugar coated bullshit.
  15. Tad-cu
  16. Dalyan5
    Dalyan5 Devil_Abroad
    Good result !
  17. Dalyan5
    Following MNL from Dalyan, Turkey, come on you Devil's!!!:-)
  18. Samael
    Not here, probably....