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  1. Dropthepuck
    Dropthepuck DevilInside
    Has the ship sailed on the tickets yet?
  2. no74
    no74 Paul Sullivan

    You’re probably aware of this song already but ‘Champion’ by Barns Courtney would make a great celebration song for Sunday.

    You probably got it sorted already but please allow that I’m still drunk and felt the need to share this with you.

    1. Paul Sullivan
      Paul Sullivan
      Hi - I was looking at this track for the End of Season awards, as it happens! It's a great tune. It'll also be played at some point tomorrow night. Thanks for the message, always appreciate suggestions. Hope the hangover isn't too bad!
      Mar 17, 2018
  3. d20
    d20 Kevlar68
    ooi ooi kev ,its can i not notice this is you with your bar link to zante !!!....have to tell me how many times you go to the games cos if my boys have got games and it clashes you can have my tickets ...are you getting to anymore before the season ends.

    shame about yesterday but they were the better team.
  4. Legin
    Legin CameronBoi
    Are you still interested in Boston shirt
  5. Wannabe2
    Wannabe2 ASHIPP
    Can I take them please, I am on 07803496751 if you could text me
  6. Drawn_to_ice_hockey
    Happy International Men's Day!
  7. Temme
    Temme Pondlife
    [QUOTE="Pondlife, post: 191445, member: 2337"] it does show you the final score in the ribbon along the top before it starts streaming.

    Just click watch, then close your eyes until you hear it start :)[/QUOTE]

    There's an option to disable this in the settings so that no scores are shown :)

    Click "More" --> Top right corner click "Settings" --> Hide Scores *Tick*
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  8. Matthew Bassett
    Matthew Bassett
    Looking to sell tickets for 22/10/2017
  9. matbur
  10. matbur
    Block 20
  11. Drawn_to_ice_hockey
    Bownsy is my favourite
  12. Diafol
    Diafol Ger-Devils
    Hi Ger
    Can I reserve 1 adult and 1 concession ticket for both nights in Belfast please ?
    Let me know when you need the cash !
    1. Ger-Devils
      Yup, not a problem at all
      Jul 25, 2017
  13. EllieB
    EllieB Wagstaff
    Hi, Sorry to email you on a Cardiff site when I'm from Nottingham but I wondered if you could tell me what happened to the Fire and Ice forum in Coventry. I used to be a member but haven't been able to access it for ages. Did it close down? do you know if there is anything else similar? Thanks elaine
    1. Wagstaff
      Hi Elaine, Unfortunately Fire and Ice closed some time ago
      There is a new forum, but seems to just have a few posters, mostly active members of the F&I forum
      It's a members only so you need to join to see content but the only thread that seems to get updated at the moment is the Blaze Roster thread.
      I hope this helps
      Jul 19, 2017
  14. Pleximan
    Just browsing thanks.........though I may join in now and again ☺
  15. Ffil06
    Ffil06 ukavsfan
    Hi ukavsfan, I am currently following your advice re the bus from Prauge to Liberic. can you help? the site as yet isnt taking bookings
    for 26th Aug. I have come across another web site Is this the same company as it displays both the Student agency
    & Regio jet logos. this site has a different booking page to the you quoted.
    just want to get it right.
  16. matbur
    matbur Chris
    Hi Chris, do you run the Inferno site? If so, do you have a contact email?
  17. aplzart
    aplzart Nitra
    hey, im looking at getting a few goalie jerseys and your lyle one is one im really keen on, would you possibly take £50 for it? and what colour is the Osaer one?
  18. Nathan.t
    Nathan.t bordotom
    Hi mate Could I possibly have these tickets ?
  19. Nathan.t
    Nathan.t Dan_1632
    Hi mate if this is still up for sale I'm willing to give you £40
  20. Donna2009
    Donna2009 10paddy10
    hi yes we are still looking for ticket for the final