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25th Feb 2013 | Posted by Mac Faulkner

Hey guys

So this is my first attempt at a blog, bear with me.

I want to start by thanking everyone for their well wishes, it means a lot and thank you.

Being out I've had the chance to get behind the bench with Franny. I gotta say, it’s harder than it looks. Half the time I'm watching the game and yelling at the linesmen, the other half trying to balance on the bench (we have tiny benches, trying not to fall off is half the battle).

No doubt we have a different line-up than a few weeks ago, but always look at the positives. We have lots of youth and energy in the lineup, as well as some guys being put in and playing well in roles they are new too. Piggy is on the PK now and learning how to play against top PP units, Batchy is getting some time on the PP and Hardy is playing more minutes.

It has also allowed guys like CJ and Callum to jump in and get elite league games in. Seeing how excited Callum was for his first game, and then when he played his first shift in his second game, reminded me of my rookie year. I took my fair share of warm-ups without playing but then when you do get your first shift, there is no way to describe the feeling. I remember my assistant coach telling me to bend my knees and skate hard. I said "Got it, bend hard and skate my knees!" As I jumped over the bench. I proceeded to get toe dragged by Eric Fehr and took a hooking penalty, so Callum had a much better first shift than I did.

My point is that we are seeing guys get their first games, seeing guys develop. G and Franny have been very patient and are teaching our young guys how to play and think the game, which is important, because these guys are the next generation of Hilly's and Ritchie's.

Speaking to the games I've been behind the bench, we played solid D against Sheffield allowing 22 shots, but sometimes the puck just doesn't go in. Tough 2-1 result but if we play that kind of defensive game results will follow. Rup's reaction to his first elite league goal was classic. I don't think he realised he had scored until 15 minutes later and we were in the dressing room for intermission. You only score your first goal once, so its awesome to see guys that happy.

Against Dundee, not only was it a great win but awesome to see Whits stonewall his old squad in the shoot-out. It can be difficult to play against your old team but he handled it very well. Maxy's two goals were bombs and Ritchies shoot-out winner was a perfect shot. A little inside info, Ritchie actually has a shoot-out stick. He asked for it by name. He calls it "Lucille", it is hand carved from an Oak tree he cut down in Swindon four years ago.

Let's get behind the boys tonight and get loud.


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