Guest Blog - Part 2

11th Jan 2013 | Posted by Stuart Macrae

Hello Devils fans, hope the New Year is treating you all well. With Blighter busy during exam week, I have been asked to take over this week.

Benny is a tough act to follow, maybe he should have a weekly column, you would enjoy that I think Benny?

It’s been a busy week in the hockey world with the World Junior Championship and most importantly the NHL and NHLPA finally reaching an agreement.

I don’t have much to say about the juniors for obvious reasons, I’m sure Phil O will gladly tell you all about them though. Everyone back home loves that tournament, I was lucky enough to catch Russia and a young Alex Ovechkin play the year they held it in Nova Scotia, fantastic hockey.

On to the NHL, I know they may have lost some fans along the way but personally I am pumped to be able to watch and follow the game again. I always like watching the highlights especially on Saturdays and Sundays before our games.

I follow the Maple Leafs and am hoping a 48 game season will help them into the playoffs; they certainly haven’t been able to get it done over the full 82 games the last several years, although I’m not sure canning the GM a week before the season is a great start.

On to things closer to home, we had a mixed bag last weekend. It started off great for us, Gimbo had a great fight to start the game off against Hull and Benny made it 1-0 less than a minute into the game, things were looking good. Faulks scored a nice breakaway goal, almost an identical goal to the OT winner he scored against Hull right before Xmas. We had a power play goal called back later on in the period and then they went on to score shorthanded, that was a big momentum change, instead of 3-0 its 2-1 and unfortunately we couldn’t put any more pucks past Bowen. He has been very impressive in all 3 of his visits to the BBT in fact.

We didn’t play our best that night by any means but at the same time I felt had we not run into a hot a goalie we could have easily taken the two points. G did a good job keeping things positive after the game which was important heading into the trip to Edinburgh the next morning. Sometimes in sports it is good to have a short memory.

Lucky for us Richie wore his helmet packing the bus and we didn’t have to drop him off at the Cardiff Hospital on the way out of town. He scored the always important first goal and we went on to get a much needed 2 points in Scotland.

We have had a great week of practices; everyone is excited to go to Nottingham it is a fun place to play and probably the best place to win a game in the league. I am sure there will be a lot of supporters heading up to the game, the boys appreciate it! For everyone else we will see you at the BBT Sunday!

Have a great weekend,


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