Deeds Blog - Part 5

26th Sep 2012 | Posted by Devin Didomete

After a pretty upsetting week last week, we showed a lot of character and bounced back to get 3 out of 4 points against Coventry and Nottingham.

Even thou that Nottingham good should have never gone to OT it was nice to finally get the monkey off our backs and get an overtime win. Losing the night before In OT and having lost a couple games in shootout it was definitely long over due for a win in OT, I hope you guys liked the mid fight pump up during my fight last week, I love when the Devils fans get the BBT rocking!!!!.

I'm going to change up the format of my blog a bit this week, I had fans send me some questions via twitter this week and picked a few to answer. Hope you enjoy. 

Kevin Davies: What's your opinion on Mike Danton's second visa application being denied?

The only thing I am upset about is that I won't get a chance to play against him. I was looking forward to rearranging his face!

Dominic Bate: Are you looking forward to taking Keefe on against the Giants?

I've played against Keefe in Jr and a few times in the AHL. He is a hard nosed guy, and I respect the way he plays the game. I never go into a game planning to fight someone, with the style of game I play the fights always seem to find me. I am sure me and keefer will re introduce ourselves at some point this year. haha.

Helen Drane: Which player would you enjoy playing against the most? And the least? Plus why?

I think the player I would enjoy playing against the most would be Mike Danton, I feel as if I have already wound him up and it would be easy for me to be in his head all game. The player I would have the least fun playing against would probably have to be Sidney Crosby simply for the fact he would make me look like a fool all game!!

Jonathan Williams: Which enforcer from the NHL past or present would you most like to have fought?

Although I probably wouldn't have stood a chance I would say Bob Probert. Growing up as a kid he was a guy I had a ton of respect for and loved watching play, not only was he one of the toughest guys to ever play the game, but he could play as well!

Simon Rafferty: How are you finding the change of line?

Its great, both G and Benny are great players, both games this weekend we created a ton of chances we just need to start to finish some of the chances we are getting!

Richie: What's the best chirp you have given and received?

Haha, I can't write the things I say, there is a line some people dont cross with chirps and I make sure I'm over that line everytime I say someone haha.

Dan Clarke Hall: What's your least favourite thing about fighting?

I think the build up, knowing you are probably going to fight a guy and having to think about what you are going to do to try and beat him. While I'm in a fight my adrenaline is pumping so to be honest I  don't even normally feel punches, unless its a real good one that hits me flush

Katrina Williams: How is your bromance with Simmesy going and why did he make you his "special one" ?

In order for a proper "bromance" don't both parties have to like each other? I am not sure why I'm his special one, maybe he is jealous I am getting more attention than him.

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