Deeds Blog - Part 2

5th Sep 2012 | Posted by Devin Didomete

After arriving last Sunday we got right into it and had two training sessions both Monday and Tuesday I must admit I was a little rusty the first few days of training due to jet leg and a 5 hour time difference but am starting to find my game more and more the more I am on the ice. Not knowing what to expect for Wednesdays game I was more than impressed with the RedArmy faithful and how they support their devils.

The BBT is 100 percent my kind of arena and the atmosphere in the arena was unbelieable and I hear it only gets better!! I am very impressed with the talent G and Franny have brought in this year, I believe we have a perfect combination of grit and talent.

I can't wait to get the regular season going next weekend, and hopefully I make it out of conventry alive after Wednesdays game haha.

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