Deed Blog - Gordie Howe edition

4th Oct 2012 | Posted by Devin Didomete

Hey Devils fans

I am going to go in a bit of a different direction this week with my blog. First and for most a league championship, a playoff series, or a playoff cup have never been won after the first 8 games of the season.

Last season in the NHL, the world’s best league, an 11th place seed with 1-2 months remaining in the season went on to win the Stanley cup. Hockey is a funny game at times, and right now we seem to be in one of those funny moments.

Franny and G did not only a great job of bringing in the right players, but a great group of people who all get along as well, those two combinations are deadly and any winning team I have been on those are the two biggest qualities for success. I can ensure you that inside that room there's not one guy who is happy with our current record, but getting down on ourselves, being negative and telling ourselves we aren't as good as we thought isn't the answer. You can say we are under achieving, you can say we don't want it bad enough, you can say people need to be replaced, but that isn't going to fix anything. Every guy in that room has a job, everyone’s job a little more different than the guy sitting next to him, when each guy in that room starts doing his job to the best of his abilities the wins will come and no one will remember the "rough" start we had.

Look at it this way we are a middle of the pack team as it stands right now and we aren't even playing our best hockey, imagine what will happen when we start to "click" and find our game as a team, it will happen it is just a matter of when. I am still so confident that this team has all the proper pieces to win a championship in this league. I know as fans you want results every week, and believe me so do we as players, you will get them, be patient and remember Rome wasn't built in one day. Every guy in that room is working hard, and wants to win, that’s not the issue, we just need to pay a little more attention to the small details of the game and all those small things will add up into something big!

So Red Army fans stay positive and know that every day we are working out all the little kinks in our game and we will turn this ship around!!!


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