Captains Blog - Part 7

28th Feb 2013 | Posted by Stuart Macrae

Key - Stu

Hello Devils Fans

I am sat at home on Thursday as I write this, resting up for our oncoming 3 games in 3 nights. You have to take a little bit of a different strategy when playing 3 in 3 especially when two of the games are on the big ice surface in Belfast. It is important to conserve energy and play a smart simple game, stay out of the box and let the play come to you instead of chasing all night.

I am very excited to be getting away for a little trip, from the start of the season in September until the end in April we don’t really get a chance to leave town other than busing to the other team’s rink and back so it is fun to get away for a night and see some different things. I always liked going on road trips with the team, I wish we had a few more of them. I know the 3 in 3 trip to Scotland was a big hit last year with the guys and all the supporters who made the trip really seemed to be having a good time! I know there is a large group heading to Belfast as well and the boys really appreciate the support, I am sure everyone will have a great time up there.

The injury bug bit us yet again last weekend with Batchy going down, we are not quite sure the severity of the injury yet but hopefully we can get him back as soon as possible.  I can’t quite remember playing on a team that had all these injuries in such a short span. However I do think the hockey gods will give us some good luck somewhere down the stretch to even things out. Everyone is still very positive and no one is losing sight of our goal, we all want to be in Nottingham come April!

Just a quick comment about Mac coming back, great news for the Devils! He did a good job keeping it secret as well; we all heard the crowd roar before the last game when they announced it and none of us knew what was happening. No one in the league was having a better season then Mac before he went down and it would have been a shame for him to end his time with the Devils like that.

Well that’s about all for me this week, to those of you heading up Belfast safe travels and don’t spend all your money in Rockies!


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