Blighthers Blog - Part 9

30th Oct 2012 | Posted by Chris Blight

Brick killed a guy

Well that escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand. Brick killed a guy…. I saw that… So obviously Sunday got a little out of hand after the game. I’ve never been a part of something like that in all of my years of hockey. We were all lucky that cooler heads prevailed in the end because that really could have been bad if a few more fights broke out. It was a heated weekend with our rivals and was 2 hard fought 1 goal games.

Unfortunately we were on the wrong side of both those games. It just comes down to a little execution. It’s no secret I’m struggling to score goals right now and that has to change. I really feel it in those close games and need to find a way to get going here on the goal scoring front. I’ve been a streaky scorer in my career and usually a slow starter and this year has been no exception

We have 5 games coming up against teams in the other division. They are all must win games because we do not play that conference as much this year and need to make up ground on them whenever we get the chance.

I’ve heard we are close to signing a new and exciting player. Hopefully it works out and he is in the lineup this weekend when you are reading this. He will be great for our team and a fan favourite instantly.

In world news I’m concerned about friends and family back home. For those that do not know Hurricane Sandy is about to hit tonight as I write this blog. I have a lot of friends on the east coast, many in New York City. It has been a crazy week in North America with the Earthquake off the coast in BC, the tsunami in Hawaii because of that earthquake and now the “storm for the ages” as they are billing it on CNN. I hope everyone is safe back home and the storm takes a turn back into the ocean and away from land.


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