Blighters Blog - Part 5

26th Sep 2012 | Posted by Chris Blight

So I get a message Monday morning that this blog needs to be done by today because we have a game on Thursday. Definitely a little tired from the long weekend so this may be a short blog this week. I’m sitting in starbucks with Faulkner, MacRae, and Marsh writing this while they talk American Football and Ryder Cup golf.

Starting with Saturday’s game it was a typical Coventry/Devils game, another 2 to 1 result. We lost in overtime because we just couldn’t find a way to get that 2nd goal in regulation. Guys were pretty excited and up for the game, partly thanks to a new team bus which was a huge upgrade. It was a physical game. I felt about 50 years old when I woke up on Sunday morning after taking some big hits in Coventry.

My roommate Marshy once again carried the play and did everything for our team. He stepped in and fought the toughest guy in the league and without a doubt won the fight. I don’t think Olsen is used to getting hit that much, he looked a little surprised during the fight. Marshy is a great player at both ends of the rink so Olsen was probably not expecting him to be a great fighter too. This is my first year playing with Marshy and taking nothing away from what Faulkner has done already I think Marshy could arguably be our MVP at this point in the season. He has done it all.

Sunday we finally got that home win everyone was looking for. Of course we did it Devil’s style which this year means extra time. It is going to be a really long year if every game goes to overtime! It was a pretty exciting game for the fans I would imagine but we certainly don’t feel good about squandering a 3 goal lead and then a late 2 goal lead.

We need to work on playing with the lead better and I think we will have a lot of success. It feels like we are letting teams hang around instead of putting them away. I give a lot of credit to Nottingham though as they came really hard, especially in the 3rd and really took it to us. I thought when we went up 5 to 3 with 4 minutes left that was it but Nottingham just kept coming and tied it up. In overtime Marshy made a great pass over to me for the game winner. It was a great feeling to finally get a win at home for the fans and is a huge monkey off of our backs for the season. Guys were really excited and we had fun celebrating the win after the game.

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